Monday, May 24, 2010

Spain. and accountablity

See that stripey crochet thing. I am making myself accountable to finish that before I start another big project. I am trying to destash and also eliminate a few UFO's from the stash. Sorry - I may bore you to tears with this before I finish it. But - I promise there will be a twist at the end of the story. Just think BUTTONS.........

Gosh - I hope this works out.

Just so you know. The shoe pictures are a family thing. I snatched this from College Girl's facebook. Plain white sneakers - simply drawn on with a black sharpie. How cool are these? And with all the "new" sharpie colors, just imagine what could be done.

Now my favorite picture from spain so far.

How beautiful is this. She is all grown up. I adore her.

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