Monday, May 10, 2010

The prom post......

Time spent here early on Saturday.

Will convert a serious athlete.

And her big sister.

Toss in a boy - getting dressed at my house. (they say everyone has a little captain in them.) Sorry - but blogger refuses to take the rotated picture.

Add a little bling on the dress -- and do not forget the shoes

The outcome of all that prep work. Beautiful and happy girls. Handsome young men.

The Princess and her Prince. Too hot and humid for the jacket.

Confident stroll up the street. This is one of my favorite images.

Man when did she become that young woman. Oh my. And she went to the all nighter at some friends home.

Full length - I love the contrast of the greens with their clothes.

Her version of the pole dance - an inside joke from my recent hospital stay - she shares my twisted sense of humor. Every girl deserves to feel this stunning and (shh don't tell dad) sexy at least a few times in her life.

Big sis was gorgeous too. She leaves for Spain this coming Thursday. Mom is very uneasy about that trip. But I know she will have a fabulous time.

I'm amazed that these two are all grown up. Seems like yesterday they handed them to me at the hospital and we all came home to learn how to raise each other. Somebody was watching over us, cause these two are amazing and beautiful ladies - inside and out.

Have a wonderful day.

24 days post surgery -- cancer free -- back at work 1/2 days -- making serious progress on healing - my Mother's Day was a very special one this year --- I have so many blessings to celebrate.

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