Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looky what I got.

The Man at my Address has been really good to me through this little roadblock. He was at the doctors office when we found out and he stayed night and day at the hospital with me. (He did leave me a few times, but he was really careful who got to stay with me - something that will forever be an inside joke) He has cooked, cleaned, shopped, talked to people about how I was doing. He kept track of food and other stuff that came to the hospital. He did pack my bags and bring stuff to the hospital.

But he did not bring flowers. Not the first time. There were no broad declarations of love and support. No cards. No letters. Not his style at all.

But people, DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR ME. Because in the middle weeks of this recovery, he got home one afternoon with this............

Yup - cubbies for my studio. Now my facebook friends have all seen this, but I missed posting it here. So no don't feel sorry for me, this man knows what I like. And when he discovered this was going to be discarded at work, he snagged it for MaggieGrace world. I think he kinda gets me -- what about you?

SAY FREE!!!!!!! I couldn't really jump and do the happy dance, but I was very very excited.

Look carefully at the other end, that section has been added on. It is now detached and sitting on the top.

As quick as I am fully able, I'll be rearranging the furniture in my house and in the studio, to accomodate this lovely. This is going to really work nicely and I have been looking for one that was affordable. I also have tons of those baby wipe tubs, that will be used for even more storage containers for this. I'll be using ModPodge to dress those containers up.

Speaking of ModPodge, I (specifically my lamp repurpose) was featured on the Mod Podge Rocks facebook page yesterday. Go here, to find lots of linky goodness for crafty peeps.

I am having a slightly better day today - feeling a little stronger. Gonna try to get back to my bootcamp schedule next week. I'm ready for some semblance of normal again.

Have a great day. I have a beautiful life.

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