Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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Now about the title. I signed up for a Victorian Cuff Swap over at Honey Lamb and I. I was partnered with a beautiful and sweet lady named Linda over at Robin's Egg Blues. She sent a sweet sweet email and even asked if I had special requests for my cuff. I browsed thru her place and decided quickly that I was in great hands for my cuff.

Yesterday was a highly stressful day. I left work - then a ballgame - then came home to a PACKAGE (singsong voice) It was not just my one cuff, there were two. Absolutely gorgeous cuffs. I love them both but I do have a favorite.

This one is about 4 inches wide including the stunning tatted trim. I love tatting, can't figure out how to do it. I'll stick to crochet. I have seen these roses popping up everywhere, and gonna learn how to make these. (Shhh. don't tell the other one but this is my favorite) I will wear this a lot.

The image on this one is so soft and vintage looking. Again with the tatting - love love love. I love this one too, but with the long black ribbon ties, I knew I wanted to use it in a different way. I tied it around my book and little notebook and pen, that I keep beside my bed. I always read with a notepad and pen close by, because I collect quotes. From any source. So this beauty will keep my goodies together.

Linda - I love these both and I thank you for your generosity - and the tags you included are stunning too.

I'll post the cuff I am sending her once I know she has received it.

I'm leaving you guys with a couple of side trip links.

I got not so great news yesterday, but I am so so blessed in my life. We have been praying for a young lady from a close by school. She was to be a senior this year, and she was a softball player much like the Princess at our house. Injured in a car accident, her family is fighting a fight I cannot even imagine. Please go over and read her Mom's archives of her recovery (start at the beginning) . Take a tissue with you - especially if you are a parent - Misty has done an amazing job with this blog. God is real - Prayer works - I believe that. Kristen Clack's Story.

Also, my buddy Leandra, posted just the words I needed today. The Madame Queen and her family have become very very special to me, since they came to our church.

My life has challenges. Everyone's does. Try and be kind to people when you meet them. You never what private battle (or public one) they may be fighting.

I have a beautiful life and MY STORY IS NOT OVER. (blatantly stolen quote from Leandra's post)

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