Thursday, August 26, 2010

No room for.......

Right now I have no room for petty behavior, rudeness, or sickening self importance in my world.

As a result I was uncharacteristically sarcastic today at lunch. Since, I am a blogger of my life happenings, I'm sharing this with you.

Setting -- Barnes and Noble Cafe Athens, GA. Lunch time. One sweet and busy girl behind the counter.

Mood -- I just had my pre-op at the urologist for the stone blasting next Friday.

I dropped by B&N to grab a pretzel for my lunch. They cafe was busy. The one poor little girl behind the counter was scurrying about like Cinderella trying to prepare food, drinks, take orders and work the register. I waited in line and glanced through several magazines while I waited. People placed their orders and visited with each other. Patiently waiting. All but the lady in line behind me.

She was on her cell phone (which I am guilty of) but she was loud and full of negative energy. Complaining to whoever it was on the other end of this phone call - did I already say she was loud - she made sure everyone knew how poor she thought the service was here. Now the little girl behind the counter literally is doing all she can do - and as you know I didn't get stellar news at the doctors office, so my perspective is a little different. Cut her some slack, she is by herself.

Anyway, it is my turn to order. As I open my mouth to order, the lady behind me butts in and says "can you hurry up?" I order my pretzel and a drool worthy chocolate treat. She butts in again with "are you by yourself?" I finish my order and say to the little girl, "please add one of those chocolate treats to that lady's food, it appears she might need some positive energy in her life today." I pay for my order and step aside to wait.

The lady behind me places her order and again (loudly) says "and I'm in a hurry." To put it mildly - this just flew the hell all over me. Under normal circumstances, I would simply ignore this, but today that is not the case. I step to the counter beside this lady and tell the little girl behind the counter, (loudly of course) "SINCE THIS LADY"S TIME IS SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVERYONE ELSE'S, SWEETIE PLEASE FIX HER FOOD BEFORE YOU FIX MINE." The little girl asks if I am sure and I say (loudly again) "YES HONEY, I'M SURE. WE WILL ALL BE BETTER OFF IF SHE GETS WHAT SHE WANTS AND LEAVES."

This was met with smiles and nods from many customers, and an indignant "ugh" from the lady. And glares - hard dagger like glares. Me - I just met her glare and simply held her eyes with mine.

So - to the rude, self-important lady at Barnes and Noble. I hope you enjoy your chocolate treat. I really hope you don't choke on your self important attitude.

Have a wonderful day.

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