Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday ....

Don't forget to go here and leave a comment for my giveaway. I'll draw a name this afternoon a little after 5 eastern time.

See that picture. Those are known as "my orange handled scissors".

I buy lots of cheap scissors at the dollar store. I cut paper, and copper tape, and bead wire, and other things that are devastating to scissors with the cheap ones. They are cheap - I throw them away when they simply quit cutting. anyone is welcome to use any of those scissors. I also never buy them with orange handles.

Because the "orange handled ones" are my fabric scissors. I have a big pair, a small pair, and a pair of pinking shears. Under penalty of death or mutilation - you had better not touch mama's orange scissors.

WEEEEELLLLLLL - this morning I found my orange handled scissors on the bathroom counter by the sink. There are snippets of beard hair littering the sink and countertop. There is evidence of those same snippets kinda stuck to the blades of the scissors.

I don't have a beard. Softball Princess doesn't have a beard. Barefoot Boyfriend doesn't have a beard. College Girl and Quiet Boy have not been there all week. This leaves one suspect - The Man at My Address. He fits the profile. Should I have DNA testing completed before I sentence him to the wrath of mama?

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I'll be finishing up the end of my CHANGE project and taking pictures.

I have a beautiful life and I am blessed blessed blessed. But you might want to pray for the scissor culprit.

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