Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Babble.....

And the Winner is.........

My family knows I am nuts. So when I sent my sister a text that simply said pick a number. She sent back my number. I had listed the comments in no order then put them in a hat. I pulled them out until I got to number three. The winner of the 1000 post goodies is my friend LeAndra over at Madame Queen. Saves me postage too - I'll take her goodies to bootcamp and hand them off.

Now for randomness - I busied myself this weekend with several projects. One was the cuff for the cuff swap - I'll show it off once I know my partner has it. I took it to church for feedback and got rave reviews on it. Even the guys at work gave me positive feedback.

I also made these .... little crochet curlie cues .... these are part of a bigger project. I like them. They are quick and easy to make - I'll be finishing these up this week at various ballgames. And waiting rooms. I need 16 of them.

This little guy rode home from church with me. He (she) is the most stunning flourescent green.

Then there was this. I have a studio. It is not big enough for all my shit as it is currently organized. So there are still things stored in the house. I opened a Cabinet saturday morning and the avalanche started. Ribbon fell out everywhere. I have no idea how I got all that in there. (most likely by the shove and slam method - anybody need any detail descriptions of that)
I got all the spool ribbon stacked in containers and put away, leaving these loose and short bits. I grabbed a plastic pickle jar (dill pickles are a serious addiction for me) an old birthday card and started winding and securing. I made a dent in this pile, but the mess remains on the coffee table.

I also did this... hot pepper vinegar. MMMM. Can't wait to pop these open when I do turnip greens and peas this fall.
I have slept just fine. I don't feel a tremendous amout of stress about the tests and procedures this week. Thank you for your prayers and all your words of support.

Have a wonderful day.

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