Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well, Damn ......

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Those are the words I uttered as the doctor told me the result of my scans.

Kidney Function - great
Surgical sight healing - great
Blood sugar - slightly elevated (but I did not fast before the blood draw)

Did we discuss you participating in a study? No.
Would you be interested in a study? Depends.
More on this later. I'm investigating.

The stone in your remaining kidney has to go.
Lithotripsy (sp?) on Friday Sept 3.

Oh - and there is a complex mass on or near your left ovary. Recommendation - pelvic ultrasound and careful follow up with gynecologist. I don't know what it is?

Well, damn - I said.

But I can do situps at bootcamp. Guess that part was good news.

Oh - and the insurance deductible has been met. Guess that is good news too.

Let's get all this dealt with before Dec 31st. Cause I damn sure don't want to come up with 5000.00 at the beginning of next year too.

So - pre op thursday - pelvic ultrasound next tuesday - litho next Friday.

Margaritas tonight -- my house -- I can have three -- but if you guys wanna meet me there - I will mix extra for you.


Well, damn.

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