Monday, November 20, 2006

20 Thanksgivings - angel words

It was a great weekend. The Church Bazaar was a success. I came home Friday night after setting up and made chili and more ornaments. I stamped a few cards and added them to the sale. I took a large box over to the church and only brought home a small sewing machine drawer full of unsold items. They relly won't go unused, I will send some as gifts and use some myself.

I was at the church all morning on Saturday, Abby had a ball game a little after noon and then Molly and I went to an open house at the florist. After that, I attended the Habitat Art Auction. A long full day. Sunday was also. Church, lunch, Molly volleyball tryout, youth choir practice, grocery store, then cook supper and relax. Add to that, I completed the crochet edging on Baby DAndra's gift and started a chunky book page.

The book page is of my own design. It has to be mailed this Friday to make it for the collaboration on time. Then I have to finish Baby Charlie's quilt. I have a rather large list of things to finish by Christmas, including Vallen's swap return. (Vallen if you look closely there is a sneak peek in the photo.)

Now for Thanksgivings. I have a wonderful friend, Melissa, who uses what she calls "angel words." Melissa is a true southern lady and I adore her and her family. What are angel words? Words that make you feel good using them and hearing them. Word that show you are listening. Word that express consideration and respect. Words that build up instead of tear down.

1. I love you.
2. I am proud of you.
3. You are beautiful.
4. Hope.
5. Faith.
6. You inspire me.
7. Please.
8. Thank you.
9. Bless you.
10. yes sir/ yes ma'am
11. Joy.
12. You make a difference.
13. You can do any thing you set your mind to.
14. I was thinking of you.
15. I need you in my life.
16. Be patient.
17. I care.
18. I will be right here.
19. You mean the world to me.
20. Is there anything I can do?

Those are just 20 "angel words" and phrases. I am sure each of you could add so many more.

The holiday season is upon us. I am planning to try and just enjoy my family and friends this year. How did we lose sight of giving our best and just start throwing money at the season?

"There's a song in the air - there's a star in the sky - the heavens tell the story of the Lord most high. " This is from one of my favorite Christmas songs. As we approach the holidays, let's remember what it really is all about.

Have a beautiful day.


Vallen said...

You and MaryAnn were just whirling machines this weekend. It's inspiring. Thank you

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

May all those angel words reign in your heart forever!!