Monday, November 13, 2006

Showing off some of my Friends

On Saturday, Madison County hosted the 1st annual Artists Show at the old courthouse in Danielsville. This was organized by two of my friends. Not a craft festival, this was an art exhibition and all of the artists represented were from the Madison County area.

Painting, recycled art, iron works, chair caning, pottery, fiber arts, wood crafts, and porcelain painting, and more.

The paintings and folk art pieces by Peter Loose are wonderful. Bongo books were available too.

Iron work letter openers, candle holders, knives, and skewers by 2brothers caught my eye too.

The brightly painted flower hubcaps were a hit as well. So big that I was unable to get close to the booth to get the information.

The picture above is from a friend's booth. I own several of her pieces and I have commissioned some items from her as well. The lily note cards in the front were originally done for me as Christmas cards in memory of Grandma Simpson. I have had reprints done several times and now they are a regular part of her line. Ernestine Cochran and Jewel Ramirez are the artists. Miss Ernestine paints, mostly on porcelain pieces. Beautiful items. And very reasonable pricing. Jewel does wood working. Trays, chests, lazy susans. (I want that cedar one in the picture.) Both were open to me blogging about thier work. I have some favorites of both. Of course the lazy susan and Ernestine's names of God ornaments. She also has a 12 days of christmas version of ornaments. Two very talented and beautiful ladies that I am blessed to know.

The art show was a success and one of the organizers has asked me to participate next year. We will see. I still have a hard time calling what I do art.

Today's list of thanksgiving is for 13 of my creative friends.

1. Laura Bowen - a native Chicagoan. A church friend. Her children are roughly the same age as mine. Beautiful photograph, pressed naturals, fiber and pinted art. This lady also hass the greenest thumb I know of.

2. Lannae Johnson - Painted art. Her MIL goes to church with us. Mother of two young boys. An encourager. Has chosen to be home with those beautiful boys and makes domestic arts look like they are effortless.

3. Ernestine Cochran - A true kindred spirit of mine. I love this woman and her work.

4. Mandy Cochran - Ernestine's daughter. An artist as well. I have been negotiating a nude of hers for some time. Maybe someday she will let it go.

5. Jewel Ramirez - A wonderful lady too. Skilled woodwork fun to spend time with.

6. Nancy Peeples - Fiber arts - a whiz with a knitting or crochet needle. Mom of two teenagers, and Baby Addison. Married to a childhood friend of mine.

7. Margaret Whieldon - Knitter extraordinaire. Soft spoken, precious, the host of our 1st Friendship tea for all our daughters and moms. She has one of the neatest little workrooms I have seen in her victorian styled home.

8. David Morgan - potter. Our daughters played ball together. A wonderful artist.

9. Autumn Strickland - Beautiful "rooster" portraits. Her work is French Provencial in its look and she is the true picture of a southern lady.

10. Melanie Berryman - a quilter. Preserving family memories with her quilts, they contain dates and places and other memories. I am in awe of her handpiecing and handquilting.

11. Lilly Berryman - a chef (desserts are her specialty), a cross stitcher, and now she is recaning chairs to bring them back to life. ALso a church friend.

12. Molly Atkinson - my daughter. Her art is improving and as a JR in high school, she is trying to figure out just where to go with her life. I pray that she finds a way to be true to herself as well as create a well lived life.

13. Abby Atkinson - my baby girl. Handcrafted cards are her specialty. She has even collaged her work folders for schools. I hope the same things for her. That she may see success in being respectful and caring for others.

I hope you are not finding my lists boring. I was asked this weekend about how I continue to make time for creating for others. That time is my sanity. I can multitask by praying for people as I work, I carry a project everywhere I go, I squeeze as much as I can everyday. I also know that my house can wait. I have been given some talents, and I am learning that I must use those talents to glorify God in any way I can. So every stitch, every stripe of glue, every stamp, every word carries with it my prayers for those who receive.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.

Note: I will be out of town tomorrow 11-14-2006. MaggieGrace will be back on wednesday.


jen b said...

Loving the lists.

Vallen said...

The lists are anything but boring. I can't wait to read them everyday. You continue to inspire!!