Friday, November 10, 2006

Veterans Day - WIP Friday

A 35 year old work in progress. These are polyester scraps and there are a few of the YoYo's made. I posted yesterday about the wreath ornaments made by Mama Norvan. This is her box of supplies for those. I remembered this and thought I would share it today. I may make a few more of the yoyo's and maybe put them together differently for Charles' siblings. I hate polyester, but I didn't want to toss this, so I put it on the shelf and take it out occasionally just for the memory of her.

Today is the observance of Veterans Day. I have been giving you itemized lists of Thanksgivings. There are far too many to list today. There are many friends and relatives who served our country giving us the rights we have. I have so much to thank these men and women for.

There are men and women out there watching their children grow up in emails and pictures so that I can have mine safely in my home at night. They are fighting for our rights, for the safety of our country and others.

There are those who gave all in this fight. There are those who came home early because of injuries. There are those in the fight right now. Every day more young men and women join the ranks of our armed forces. To all of you I give my respect and appreciation. To all of you, I send my prayers. To all of you I express my gratitude. I send my thoughts and prayers to those who have a loved one in active duty right now.

I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


autum said...

Hi there! I've enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving lists for this month!

Vallen said...

Polyester or not, I still think it's wonderful that you have collections from people who matter to you. I hope your weekend was warmand cozy.