Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A much more reflective mood today

I was at a baby shower last night. This movie was discussed and it appears it is on the must see list for a lot of people.

Baby Maggie's mom was showered with love and gifts for the new little one to come. I spent hours working on the quilt for her gift. Others bought clothes and needed items. She was "showered" in the fullest sense of the word.

If you read the explosion that was yesterday's post, you know I had a tough day. I was irritable (downright mad) and in no mood to reflect. I can't stay in that frame of reference for very long. I have held what I call "prayer meeting" over myself and my attitude.

In reflecting over the holiday season that is fast approaching, and the real message of the birth of Christ, these thoughts occur to me.

Mary - the teenage girl betrothed to Joseph - was given devastating news by the angel. She was pregnant. She had no idea how. She had no idea why. She had no idea what to do. She had no way of knowing where this journey would lead. How was she going to tell her family, her friends, the man who was to be her husband? She had no options. This had to be a time of fear.

I watched April last night and thought about it this morning a lot. She and her husband, Ty are thrilled about this baby. She has has the best medical care available. Is is surrounded by people who are almost as excited as she is. What a difference that is to me.

I have tried to play the angel's words in my head as if they were directed to me. And I cannot help but put my responses into the narrative. I mean no offense by doing this, it just a reflection of where I am and as I reflect on this story for the holiday's, I hope I can grow in my faith again and have a growth in my relationship with Christ and my Holy Father this season.

What if I was receiving Mary's News?

Angel: Do not be afraid.

Mary (me): Oh, but I am. Who are you? What?

Angel: You have found favor with God.

Mary (me): Me - found favor. I don't have a clue what you are talking about.

Angel: You will bring forth a Son.

Mary (me) : A Son - there is no way - I couldn't be - what - this is just not right.

Angel: you will call Him.....

Mary: You even have names. This is crazy. What am I supposed to do.? This has to be a dream. What to you mean fulfillment of the prophesy?

That's me - disbelief that I have been chosen. That God has a place for me. That God has a plan for me. But then I really think about things and I know that some of what I am already doing is in God's plan. I know my work with the kids is a part of that plan. I also know I did nothing to deserve the grace of the cross, that I only have to accept that grace. And in accepting the grace, I have found favor with God too.

I do hope you each have a beautiful day.

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