Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas

This gorgeous photo was downloaded off the Callaway Gardens website. It is called " twin trees" and it is beautiful.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent time with family and friends. We rested. We relaxed. I crafted. We watched TV. We ate. And ate.

An update on Charles - we checked in at the hospital Wed morning and were home by mid afternoon. Tissue biopsy results will not be available for two weeks. He is back to normal with only a few dietary restrictions. The waiting is always the worst part. I will be calling the doctor early on the 6th of Dec to obtain those results. Thanks to all who lifted him up through this procedure.

In addition to MaggieGrace goodies this season, I plan to focus on some of my favorite Christmas decorations/traditions, which is the reason for the photo today. Since the girls were little, we have enjoyed Christmas light displays. We have driven sometimes as much as three hours to view some of the larger ones. We also have local favorites as well. Molly observed last night that I am very "picky" about what I like for outdoor decor. I do not like colored or blinking lights. I do like very understated, simple, and elegant. A magnolia wreath with some gold leaves. Tiny white lights. A single white candle in the windows of a house. A creche. Natural accents. For indoor decor - real trees, handmade ornaments, retelling the stories of ornaments. Again tiny white lights and those long silver icicles.

Christmas is a very busy season for us. I really have a hard time gearing up personally until after the church program because I am always so focused on getting that together. I don't do very much cooking (remember my kids think I don't know how), but I do my fair share of eating.

I am so inspired by all of you bloggers out there. Some already decorating. Many making beautiful items. Always sharing, always generous.

I do want to spend some time reflecting (much like the reflection of the tree in the lake) on the real story behind all the hoopla of Christmas. Remember - Jesus is the Reason for this Season and I will be telling parts of that beautiful story as well.

What would you bring as a gift to your King?

Please take time to share a tradition with me here. Share your decorating preferences. Share your favorite gift. The stupidest gift you ever received. Funny memories. I love your comments and I have met some wonderful people by backtracking through these comments.

Have a beautiful day and a blessed holiday season.


Vallen said...

There's a block of homes here, all of which decorate the trees in front along the road. We call it Christmas Tree Lane. It's part of the deal if you buy into that neighborhood. It's been a tradition since I was a wee girl and that's a long time ago. Christmas lights and ornaments, bright or sedate, really get the season going for me.

Leslie said...

Every Christmas day since my son was in the 1st grade, my husband, son and I have gone to the movies. My son is 29 yrs old and this will be the first year my son won't be home on Christmas day.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a wondeful lite tree, a burning bush!