Wednesday, November 15, 2006

thanksgiving 16 - the power of scent

More of Ernestine Cochran's handpainted porcelain ornaments.

This is the third time I have written this. My connection crapped and I lost the first one. Second one too. This may be a blessing because I have had a horrible migraine and the first post was most likely a little fuzzy.

I have posted in the past about how scent can trigger memories. Real estate sales people tell homeowners to bake a pie or cookies before showing their home to a potential buyer. Candle and home fragrance sales are skyrocketing. Scent is powerful. And today I am listing 16 of my favorites.

There is no order to these. Simply listed them as I thought of them. Some have memories some don't. I hope as you read these, you will find yourself focusing on some of your favorites.

1. Clean babies - when my girls were small, after bathtime I would snuggle them close and love and kiss on them. We so enjoyed the time and I miss that closeness. Warm, clean, and soapy smell.

2. Cooking chili - smells warm and comforting to me. I will make this for lunch at the bazaar on Saturday.

3. Paul Sebastian cologne.

4. Rain - only those in the deep south know that smell as a thunderstorm starts in middle of the summer.

5. Salt water air - enjoy wiggling my toes in the sand too.

6. Pipe tobacco - some cigars too.

7. Fresh linens brought in off the line. Does anyone think the towels dry better too?

8. Fireplace smoke hanging in the air.

9. Real Christmas trees - cedar is my favorite.

10. Old fashioned tea roses

11. Chocolate.

12. Coffee - especially southern pecan.

13. Fresh cut wood - cedar is a favorite here too.

14. Black cherry candles.

15. Eucalyptus - I have a tree in my yard and I keep a cutting in the shower all winter. Helps with the stuffiness of cold and flu season.

16. Starched shirts. Can "crisp" describe a smell?

I started this twice on the 15th but didn't finish it so I have moved it to the 16th. Hence 16 on the 16th.

I hope this triggers some scent memories for you as well. Please share. Also if you have an idea for a themed list for the remainder of the month, share that as well.

Focusing on little things has improved my observation skills. It has shown me how truly blessed I am. I have a relationship with my Saviour. I have all my senses, my health, a lifestyle that is fairly comfortable. I have family and friends. I have education. I have so many blessings.

I hope you all have a fabulously blessed day.


Vallen said...

I just had this conversation with a friend here - clean sheets off the line - kids when they come in from playing on a windy day and yes, crisp is definitely a scent as in crisp ironed linens, crisp white shirts and crispy toast - all scents that make my knees buckle.

Sally said...

I like your list! We get the scent of rain your talking about here in Australia too during summer. Also when you feel the southerly wind change at the end of a hot day and you can smell the rain approaching. The relief of the rain after the heat is the best part of summer!