Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Twice in one day

I have added a link to the side bar for my brother in law's blog. Max is in Houston at M.D. Anderson undergoing treatment right now. We have been praying for him and he may get to be home for the Thanksgiving holiday. I do hope that is the case. His blog is a wealth of information and humour about his treatment path for CLL (he also dicusses Ga Tech football) . I just found out about this link from his lovely wife Lynda - my husband's favorite sister. There is information there for many people and As the cabin fever takes over at times the knowledge that people are cheering him on will help tremendously.

If you would, please lift his family in your prayers. I just wish I had known about his blog before today.

Have a beautiful day.

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Vallen said...

I went back to read a number of his posts. Funny guy. I hope he gets home for Thanksgiving.