Monday, November 06, 2006

My small town.

This is the hardware store in Danielsville. I drive past this everyday. It's run by Steve and his precious wife Carol and their daughter Leanna. One of those old fashioned places where you can take in a whimy diddle and show it to Steve - he will go dig in some box in the back and come back with one. The change in the season is reflected by the displays outside the store. Right now there are bales of hay, mums, and even a pot belly cast iron stove on a cart out front. Upstairs is an antiques room full of prizes unearthed by Carol in her auction forays. If watch the movie COBB (featuring Tommy Lee Jones) and look closely, you will see this building in one of the scenes.

Not a really productive weekend for MaggieGrace goodies. We played ball all day Saturday and I did work on some cross stitch while sitting - but thats all- it was too cold to have your hands out in the open. We will be back on schedule tonight though.

Now to catch up on gratitudes.

Molly and I spent time poking around in stores on Saturday for a little while. We laughed at each other. She looked at stuff and would proclaim it AWESOME. We found a MANequin - and she danced with it. She sang to a hairbrush. I am so blessed to have a teenager who still would like to spend time with mom - yet is independent enough to be on her own too.

I am grateful for that first cup of coffee every morning. I just wish there was someone at my house who would make that coffee. Waking up to the smell would be a grand pleasure. (I know - I can set the coffee maker to start at a certain time, but knowing someone goes to the effort is part of the pleasure.)

I am grateful for the feeling of a tiny hand wrapping around my finger. I did not realize that I press my finger into the hand of every infant I hold. Abby pointed that out. There is something so touching about that grasp. Human touch is something everyone needs.

I am grateful that I do not have to yell, scream, or threaten to make sure my girls do their homework. We have always been disciplined about homework and study, and it is something they both do automatically. Very little conflict occurs over this and that makes my life better in the evening.

I an grateful for my mug rug on my desk at work. It is part of an old quilt and was a surpirse from my new blog friend MaryAnn. Something about a surprise gift from someone I didn't know a year ago lets me know that there is still a ton of goodwill in the world. I am continually surprised and inspired by all of you bloggers.

I am thankful for cell phones. (Most of the time) I can check in with the people I love at almost anytime. I am amazed by the technology. I love text messaging, although my phone is set up to text in all caps and Molly always says she feels like I am yelling at her.

There - six gratitude things on the 6th - I hope more of you are playing along in the Thanksgiving month.

Now a plea for comments. That was subtle wasn't it. I love to read your thoughts. They are not ignored. I read and absorb them all. If you have comments on your blog, I often read throught them too. I am thrilled when I see an email saying there is a new comment on my blog. I started this blog for me and then it became an interaction between me and you. Those interactions become the beginning of friendships. Then those friendships grow and that reassures me of the goodness in the world. That allows us to continue to open our hearts to each other. I learn from you all. I gain something from each and every one. Thanks to you for visiting with me.

I hope you all have a beautful day.


Vallen said...

And we're lucky to know you!!!

heidi said...

i am here...reading every day since you discovered me and i discovered you back. keep sending yourself out into the universe and good will, undoubtedly, come back to you.


Anonymous said...

Teresa...i sent you an email the other day, hope you got it...tried to leave comments but couldn't :o( Anyways, another beautiful post. I am always amazed at Montana's small hand and how it fits into mine when we are walking. It is just the best feeling...i love it. It had never occurred to me about the cell phones but you are right...i can speak to any loved ones at any time. Thank you for making me see/appreciate something i didn't before. Have an awesome day!

Dawn said...

I enjoyed your six gratitudes!!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
...with thanksgiving for blogging friends,

MaryAnn said...

I am happy that you used the phrase "mug rug" because the wordsmith in me just loves little rhymes and witticisms! And you should really keep an eyeball on your mailbox. You just never know when other surprises will show up!