Friday, November 17, 2006

thanksgiving 17 - funny stories we tell

Why does blogger do this sometimes - these are out of order - sorry ??? The ornaments above are the remaining few I need to finish for tomorrow. The picture on the left is of the finished stars. You may recognize the fabric on the hearts. Seems like toile is becoming a signature for me. These were made from the scraps of Baby Maggie's quilt. I have a ton of this left still and I keep saving smaller and smaller pieces and finding uses for them. I have to confess, I used the idea for the stars from Samantha at Plump Pudding, with her permission. Not exactly as she did hers, mine are much more primitive. I emailed Samantha and asked for permission to use this idea and received the most gracious reply. I continue to be amazed at the generous and kind ladies out there.

Molly has been trying out for a club volleyball program and that means time in the car together. Last night we laughed and giggled all the way home. Part of what was funny was the theme for the day, today. Funny stories we tell over and over. I hope every family has these. These stories are a part of our heritage and we love to retell them again and again. There are some regular readers out there who will recognize themselves here - I hope you are not offended. To my family, remember I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you.

Here we go. 17 funny stories to be told over and over by my family and friends.

1. the damn cooler threw me.

2. will you please go get the altoids out of the truck.

3. 10 years - 20 years - 30 years - 40 - yup there's 50.

4. playing with the big boys.

5. I won't come back to this house until the Christmas tree is decorated.

6. What are we gonna get Nanny for Christmas?

7. The cabbage in the tree.

8. I thought I just uncovered.

9. I just don't get it, why are they using cows to advertise chicken?

10. Look at that baby with all that hair.

11. She don't look like no alien.

12. Give you a quarter for that gum.

13. Nanny served that tomato.

14. Naked feet.

15. Frankenboobs

16.Then Diane cut off all Scott's curls.

17. The chicken and the raccoon.

Now I know these don't mean anything to you. If you are interested (and you know you are) in the elaboration of these stories, please leave a comment here and let me know which ones. We have favorites within this group, but all are funny. I will happily share all of them in more detail. Because the reality is always better than the myth.

After tomorrow, the pressure is off MaggieGrace for Bazaar crafts and I can focus again. I am behind on some swap goodies. I have a chunky book page to complete for a friend who is having a mastectomy today. I have a package to send Vallen. One for Leslie. One for MaryAnn. And a 4x4 collage for a Winter Wishes exchange. A stocking to finish. A quilt to finish. and a baby blanket to finish. I am glad the holidays are upon us. And I am glad I saved 7 days vacation to take. Looks like I may need them.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.


Vallen said...

We are both seeing stars. Along with all the Thanksgiving prep thisweekend, I too will be making stars.
I love family stories. I'm sure we'll be bringing lots of them out next Thursday. Pie and funny stories - they just go together.

Laura said...

That made me think of two things:

1. When you made me fold towels at grandmother's house and I apparently was not doing it right. So you made me learn to fold towels correctly. To this day I still fold them the way you taught me.

2. When you took me camping and told me to "just deal with it." I still refuse to camp ever again.

Samantha said...

Your stars turned out just great. Hope they sell well for your church funds.

Love your fabric choice!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

I so enjoyed catching up on your blog this evening. I've been so busy this week working on several projects, trying to get them done before my girls and grandkids arrive on Tuesday. Anyway, haven't had much time to keep up with my Blog or visiting.
I love family stories too-and your stars and fabric are fabulous! I wish I had time to make some myself. Have a great evening!

jenny said...

Your toile ornaments are's one of my favorite fabrics!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

OK-I gotta hear the chicken and racoon story, because my family has it's own racoon story that is hilarious!

norththreads said...

Your ornaments are just darling!!!!