Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Day to be Queen

Vallen over at Queenly Things made an observation in her latest post. She was strolling through "blogland" and remarked that people seemed to be "dumping" (me) and/or pondering deep thoughts. She wants us all to just take a day to be "queen" -- to have a good day -- to relax and just enjoy. I am with her in her thoughts and thought I would jump in.

She asked what was our best day, and there was no way I could pick just one. There have been days where I have laughed so hard that I hurt. There have been days where I feel like I can take on the world and win. There have been days when I just know that I am loved by those who matter. So today I am just going to celebrate me and the fact that I am a woman with the skills and passions needed to affect the world.

Life is a banquet. I want to savor the items that make up the table. Love and laughter. Joy and pain. Giggles and grins. Hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done. Lazy days and busy days. Holidays and days you just drag out of bed and just do what you have to. Celebration and mourning. Tears. Stress. Relaxing. Trips. Fatigue and rest. Money and the lack of it. My home. My church. Times of plenty and meager times. I am feasting on my life.

Feast on yours today. Treat yourself like the royalty you are. Everyone deserves to be queen for a day or for a lifetime.

Vallen - thank you for giving me the food of life menu for today. I am filling up the banquet table and I am inviting all my friends to a royal feast. There may even be dancing later.

My friends - bring your own dishes as an rsvp to the banquet. Fill your table and celebrate your life. Share with us. If you will leave a comment and a blog link, we will all come and celebrate with you. Tagged you all are.

The photo at the top is the work of an artist aquaintence of mine. David Morgan is a nationally recognized pottery artist and he and his wife and beautiful daughter are nearby neighbors and friends of ours. (our daughters played volleyball together) David is having an open house this weekend at his studio near Danielsville, GA. (Just north of Athens) If you are in the area, try to take time to go by and see him. He can provide the dishes for our feast.

Have a beautiful day.


heidi said...

where your crown with pride, sweetie! we are all queens each and every day!


heidi said...

of course i meant "wear" your crown. sheesh!

the other queen

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Happy Crowning pretty lady!! You wear your crown well.