Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thanksgiving - day 9 - memories of things past

Wow , you really have to look carefully to see what this is. Sorry.

It is an old decrepit school building way off the road and a large angry bull guards it to keep people out of the pasture. So being the intelligent individual I am, I took this from the road. We drive past this frequently on the way to the fabric warehouse sale. This old building intrigues me. It has not always been there. Someone moved it, but never did anything about restoration. Makes me wonder why. Like several of the projects I have started and never finished, someone will find the unfinished stocking or the partially painted canvas and wonder. Why? Did this "thing" have meaning to those who had it moved here.

My best friend has an unfinished cross stitch piece. His mother worked on it planning for it to be a gift for him before she passed away and instead of tossing it when they cleaned out her belongings, his sister kept this. She gifted him with it (unfinished with needle still stuck through the fabric). He treasures this. As a stitcher, I could finish it for him, but as the sentimental fool that I am, I realize that framing it exactly as she left it would be the more appropriate thing to do.

As I have focused this month on various things to be thankful for, I came up with "things" that others might deem worthy of the garbage, while I treasure these.

1. My Daddy's denim neck tie - he had to wear a tie to work, but he could wear jeans, so mother made him denim ties to wear with his jeans. I have this tie hanging in my living room.

2. Two pieces of costume jewelry - my sister framed these - sparkly blue "junk" jewelry from my grandmothers jewelry box for me for Christmas right after she died.

3. Boxes of childrens' drawings and projects - Doesn't every mother keep these? I look through them on occasion and am always reassured by the progress they made.

4. Christmas wreath ornaments - these were given to us by Mama Norvan. Made from yoyo pieces of polyester.

5. A tiny marcasite pin - of no $ value at all. Again from Mama Norvan. I liked it and she sent it home with me.

6. A handpainted bottle - a gift from one of the ladies at our church. Completely unexpected, she just wanted to encourage me in my work with the kids. It came with a kiss and the scent of White Shoulders as she include a hug and the words "I Love You" as she gave it to me.

7. A pair of sapphire earrings - one of the last things my Dad bought me before his accident. I never wear these because I am afraid I will lose them. I hope my girls will wear them as "something blue" on thier wedding day.

8. Crocheted afghans - my mom made some, my grandmother made some. All sizes shapes and colors. Memories the same way, all sizes shapes and colors.

9. Black cowboy boots - I wore them all the time as a toddler. Wanted to sleep in them. My mom kept them and both my girls wore them a little. I think these are the only "baby" shoe my mom kept. I still wear cowboy boots today only the current pair is brown.

There we go - 9 on the 9th. Funny when you start really looking, this list gets easier. And life really is made up of many, many little things. Celebrate today.

Have a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

I am so envious of people who have things kept from grandparents and parents. It's been my observation that people in other parts of the country are better at this than we here in California. The Golden State is always on the move and won't be held back by "stuff." We don't have attics and basements and lovely places to store quilts and afghans and cowboy boots. You are a lucky gal to have those to evoke memories.

Sean Carter said...

Our memories of the good times of the past are always to be treasured. It's really nice when look back and feel so great about the things of the past. Well hey Thanksgiving is almost here and we are all thankful to everyone in our lives for all the sweet memories. On this note I'd like to ask you to visit my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and share your thoughts on this wonderful occasion!!!!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

I feel the same way as Vallen...none of my grandparents were sentimental, as were none of their children (4 on my dad's side and 3 on my mom's) therefore, nothing was kept. EVERYTHING thrown or given away...even when my grandparents died...all in my teens and early 20's before I knew better to go and grab a few things...

This post is lovely...I can't wait for more.