Monday, April 02, 2007

my own little world

Welcome to the view from the world in my head. On Saturday, we were sitting at the ballfield and I was crocheting. I finished the last of the squares for my granny afghan. The youth minister from the church was there to watch the girls play and was talking to me.

I have no idea how long he talked, but at some point the conversation finally caught my attention. I had no idea what he had said and I confessed that fact to him. I apologized and said "I was in my own little world." His response - "I think that could be scary." See I am known to be blunt about my thoughts. I can be loud and rowdy and outspoken. Teenagers don't bother me, I see them as the greatest challenge. I don't mind being onstage or in front of a crowd. I can laugh at myself and allow others to laugh at me with no problem. I can prank with the best of them. So in an instant, I assessed that - Yes - my own little world could be interpreted as scary.

But it isn't. So I have been journaling thoughts about my world this weekend and I thought I would share the reality of that dream world.

1. It's quiet. The sounds I want to hear. Birds singing, a waterfall or waves lapping on the shoreline, the squirrels rustling the leaves. No radio, tv. This was a very surprising revelation for me to give the youth minister.

2. A small cabin perched in a thicket of trees. I don't need a lot of space, just a lot of comfort.

3. I awaken on my own and pass the day in complete sync with what my body tells me to do. I rest when I need to, work when I need to, eat when I am hungry, and center all of it with an afternoon stroll and some creative work.

4. Coffee in the mornings, sweet tea the rest of the day.

5. Fireplace (gas logs)

6. Sharing all this with loved ones.

7. A big ol' bathtub, a table small enough for one but large enough for many. Quilts, candles.

8. Furniture you can move easily for a nap in front of the fire or an improptu waltz across the floor.

My little world is full of grace and passion. It centers around taking care of myself and those I love. My little world very much resembles those days of history, when early settlers were far apart, self reliant, capable, hard working, used what they had available, they were adventurous, and determined, and they created the history of this nation. I think the biggest attraction for me is the simplicity of the idea of that lifestyle.

Maybe I really need to go and read Walden again. Or the Little House books. Even the Tahsa Tudor books. I do know that I could not function in that world - current day demands really make it unavailable. But I do enjoy the escape in my mind regularly and MaggieGrace world will capture some of the things I am so attracted to.

I escape there often just to rest and relax my mind. So where do you go when you visit "your own little world"?

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