Wednesday, April 04, 2007

childhood memories #1

Sorry this is so blurry. I was at Mom's last night and we got out the old photo albums. I had my camera so this is an edited photo of a digital image taken out of the album last night. I really need to swipe those albums and scan all these pictures.
This was taken late 1966. I was a little over a year old. At my grandmother's house. The house you see in the background is Peggy's house. She and her husband built that house and their family was the only occupants ever. We just sold my grandmothers house to its second owner since 1940 something.
That snow suit I have on is more than likely unneccessary. It was probably not cold enough ever for it, but I am the firstborn and we all know how mothers of firstborn children are. So I am over dressed because Mom was cold.
I still have the snowsuit. Both of my girls had it on for short periods of time, just to be able to say they wore it. I do have Molly's picture in it somewhere. It is a steel blue/grey with blue and black accents. Quilted satin lining and a heavy brass zipper. The tricycle survived many years and various paint jobs, but I have no idea where it is now.
Do you have anything from your childhood? I am very fortunate - my Mom is as big of a packrat as I am. I have lots of relics. And many, many memories. It's fun to try and decide just how much is real memory and where that line blurs because of the stories and pictures.
I have a few more of these to share this week - hope you will all indulge me in this. MaggieGrace is about all kinds of things for me and my family. I guess I could separate it into different blogs, but I think this is a truer reflection of who I am. I know many of you come here for the crafts and art, but my family and my friends come for the stories, so I am giving them some attention this week. Who knows, maybe somebody will learn something new about me.
For some serious eye candy and inspiration try these
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Have a wonderful day.


Dawn said...

What a cutie-pie you were in the photo..

Roxanne said...

Such a sweet photo! I love your family stories just as much as all your crafty ideas.

I've experienced that same feeling of not being sure if memories are real or if I have just heard the story SOOOOO many times that I think I remember it actually happening. My great-grandmother was notorious for retelling the same embarassing toddler stories about all of us kids over and over again. But now, of course, its memories like those that we cherish and laugh about when we think of her.

ellen kelley said...

I enjoy hearing your stories too, so keep it up. Me too on the "Is it a real memory or a telling that I heard so many times?" Actually I don't worry about that as repeated stories from family are just as precious.
Hope that spring has truly arrived in your area.