Monday, April 09, 2007

Sisters - memories and magic

This photo (winter 1969) was in the book I was snapping photos from at Mom's the other night. Tracey was 2 and I was 4. Standing in front of the fireplace at the Stars Bridge house. We moved several times when I was small. The funny thing about this picture is that the house I live in now is almost identical to that house. The day I looked at the house I live in now, I called my Mom and started asking questions. About where things were and what did the walls look like. The fireplace in my house now was pained this exact shade of russet and the walls in the dining room were dark grey blue with horizontal tongue and groove paneling. This amazed me that I remembered those kinds of details about the house I lived in when I was so young.

Now - the title was about sisters. Tracey and I at times hated each other. We fought. We made up -still do. She always felt like I set too high a standard academically. She felt like I made her dating life difficult. (at 14 my boyfirend was 23) Long story. As we have aged, we have become much closer. My Mom drives us crazy at times and she and I are the only ones who understand the wry humour it takes to deal with that situation. She has 2 boys, I have the 2 girls. We are similar and yet different. And I love her and her family.

Fast forward to Friday. These beautiful faces are the very center of my world. They are similar and yet different too. They are 3 years apart, so less competion between them. They fuss, they feud, they giggle, and share. I am such a proud Mom. They support each other. They help each other. They share - clothes. makeup, hair stuff, shoes, advice. They bring united petitions to me and Dad (how can we say no when they both plead). And I love them.

The magic here. I am a sister and I am my sister's friend. No matter what, whether we agree or not, Tracey and I love each other. Molly and Abby are building that same unending love for each other. We (they) may not always agree, but we (they) will always love.

The one place we all can say what we need to and still be loved. In the presence of our families.

The one place we can hide when the world gets too big to handle. In the presence of our families.

The one place we can celebrate all the joys of ours lives. In the presence of our families.

The one place that understands the inside jokes. In the presence of our families.

Thank you Tracey for becoming my friend. Thank you Molly and Abby for choosing to become friends. The love we share will be recognized for many generations to come.

Have a beautiful day.


Vallen said...

What a treasure is a loving family! Good job!!

jen b said...

lovely post and so very true. i can say the same about my sister.

Roxanne said...

Ditto Jen's comment. My sister and I are 5 years apart. We didn't really even get to know each other until we were both out of the house, but she is my best friend now. I feel so lucky to have her.

Felicia said...

What a wonderful family you have. :)

"G" Mother said...

Two beautiful faces of sweet grands