Tuesday, April 24, 2007

my first favorites mosaic

I spent some time this morning organizing my first mosaic. How much fun is this?

Flickr is so much fun and inspirational. Like a tear sheet file only in a cleaner format.

I do hope you will visit all these people. via the links on Flickr
I am working on window display ideas and I can see many coming together through these images.

I also put together a quickie to-do list of things I need to get done in the next few days. I really shoud do this more often - then maybe overcommitting will come to a halt (don't hold your breath)

Heres the list - in no particular order

Baby Cass gift

Baby Danuser gift

Corey ATC

Mail Scavenger Hunt

Grunge Swap 2

Mail April/May CIP Package

Fabric Challenge for MaryAnn

Mounted ATC

CIP projects - It really sucks when the facilitator of the group is this far behind.

I am so sure there are others but this is the quick list. At least we have no ball tournaments this weekend. Only a middle school semi formal dance. So maybe I will get some things accomplished off this list this weekend.

Using what I have is becoming a way of life for me. What is really scary about this process - I obviously have plenty to work with. I haven't spent 200 dollars on craft stuff in the last year. I am amazed. I plan to continue this approach as I continue this year. The other part of my life is that I have been gifted with some wonderful materials in this time frame as well. As I have become a better steward of materials, I have been given the gift of increased creativity and materials have come at just the right time to accomplish a project. Maybe it's time to read The Secret and see what else I need to focus on.

Thank yous are due to some wonderful people - so look tomorrow to see what the mail has brought.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

If you are not caught up on the CIP then I don't feel so bad about lagging. That's what friends are for - to give you permission to lag. Thank you darling lady.

Felicia said...

I agree, flickr is pretty darn groovy! Your mosaic is pretty.