Tuesday, April 03, 2007

See - I have been busy - WIP

A really quick photo of what has been my sports companion for weeks (months). The scrap granny afghan.
As I have been going through the beginning phases of organizing my stuff for the big move into the MaggieGrace studio, which hopefully will be ready by midsummer, I found an ungodly amount of scrap acrylic worsted weight yarn. Some I had saved were as small as a golf ball, there were multiple skeins of some of it. I estimated that there were enough of it to make a small afghan in a scrappy style. So I packed it all in a 10 gallon ziplock bag and started on these fun 8 row granny squares. Originally I was going to do 64 squares, but turns out I felt complete with 42. I am crocheting these together now and then will finish with a few rows around the outer edges.
I finished the last square on Saturday at Abby's tournament. As I finished, I asked the siblings if they wanted to arrange them. I had a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth with me and I spread it out and dumped the squares on it. Noel Dobbs jumped on arranging. She spread them into a 6x7 row blanket and then we all stood around (total strangers included) and made a few adjustments to the arrangement. Rolled it all up into a tube and then unrolled and made rows. I am super-thrilled with this. Originally I was going to keep it, but now I have decided I am happy enough with it to use it for a blanket (gift) that was on my Christmas in Progress list.
The coolest part - I USED WHAT I HAD. This has almost become a lifestyle thing for me. I will buy things as I need them, but I do find it challenging to complete things using my stash. And my checkbook feels the difference too.
I will finish it this weekend at the 3-day tournament. Then I have several projects waiting for my attention after that. 2 small baby blankets and MaryAnn's fabric challenge project. I also have a fun ATC project for Vallens Swap over at the QueenlyThings blog. I had signed up that I would try to do the fat quarter challenge over at the Sky is Pink blog. I am sorry that is not going to happen.
The new postings are there at CIP for March updates, cruise over and look at those. Man I am in great company with those creative ladies.
I hope this finds you all having a wonderful day.

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Raesha D said...

I love the quilt!! The scrappiness of it is so pretty!