Monday, April 30, 2007

Good Day Sunshine

It is a good day. Fields of sunflowers are going to new homes. For somethng that looks so easy, they were actually labor intensive. The ladies in the CIP group
each get one of these and the instructions on making them. Now what will they be???
Package tie - ons. Pins. An apron accent. How about pinned to the front of a wee ones sun hat? An accent on a tote. On a pillow? Who knows.
I do know that I thoroughly enjoyed every second of making them. It was fun to think of these ladies and know that they will find creative uses for them.
As always, there is a story behind them. The yo-yo centers came from MaryAnn with a note saying she had bought them with no idea why and could not come up with a use for them. The yellow yarns are all "freebies" given to me in boxes from a friend of mine when they cleaned out her grandmothers house. The green felt was donated by a friend cleaning out her stash and the buttons were in a gallon jug I bought for $1.00 at a junk store many years ago. They are my own design and I am so excited about that part too.
I have found that I really enjoy working with constraints on a project. Either budget constraints, or size, or shape, color, or even a treasure hunt list (personal favorite). I knew this one had to be "USE WHAT I HAVE" and PAY IT FORWARD. So it qualifed for working within a constraint. I also enjoyed working with materials I did not select for me - I would never have bought the bright yellow yarn and now most of it is gone from the stash.
In other news. I am struggling with a color selection for the studio. I know I want to use my bright red and white Coke crate sides as an accent, so part of me likes the craft studio aqua I have seen many places. However, I am terrified of living with that color. I am a much more neutral person. I have also looked at a soft purple grey, but I am afraid the red accents will not work with it. Soft sage green also appeals and truck tarp canvas looks interesting too. The one thing that is certain - it cannot be a dark color, because the natural light is going to be very limited. I will be painting the floor a darker shade of the wall color. There will be a design wall of cork that I will cover with muslin and then pin up flannel when I work on a quilt design. I know you readers will have an opinion - please voice it. Maybe some of you who have received artworks from me or who can spot something in this blog as a trend. Maybe I have sent a gift that you identify with me as a color option (Vallen will say pink and brown). I do love the neutrals of seashells and sand. I OTHER WORDS ___ HELP!!!!!!!
Another totally random side note - I AM FAT. I manage to avoid full length mirrors at home, but swimsuit season approaches and I had to buy a new one this weekend. The full length - triview mirrors in the dressing room leave absolutely nothing hidden and I am horrified at what I look like. Now I say this here only because, for some reason, I feel accountable when I do. Weight loss is now mandated by the embarassment I felt even though it was just me in that room. So for those of you who want to skip over the sections of post about weight loss, by all means go ahead. But I sure could use a cheering section too. I hate to sweat, so this will be my big challenge for the year. I will start by saying the doctor would like for me to lose 50 pounds. so here the count begins. I refuse to be tied to a weight number - I want to be a size 10-12 in Lee brand jeans. I much prefer this type of tracking.
Have a wonderful day. Damn, I'm already hungry.


Roxanne said...

The sunflowers are adorable! Can't wait to see it in person! As far as paint colors go...I'm no expert, but I also can't stand white walls so I have tried lots of colors. In my craft room I currently have the walls a medium grey. I wanted to have bright colors in here, but was not ready to actually paint a bright color. Grey matches everything and I change my accents often, so I guess it works. Not sure if it would match coke accents though. I think a nice warm tan color would look really classy with red and white coke. The aqua would be really cool, but maybe too trendy...repainting right away would not be fun. I am also dreading swimsuit season. I keep telling myself that I just had a baby, but she is almost two so I think that excuse is about used up. My doctor had some harsh words for me as well last time I was there. Ouch, does that hurt!! Good luck with it, we'll all be here to encourage you!!

Vallen said...

Maybe we can do this together. Let's think of a way.
Pink and Brwon well yeas but you know what I more associate you with butter yellow. Why do you think that is?

The aqua is cool but I agree with Roxanne - you might tire of it soon. Maybe just hang some fabric up for a while and see what works.

Laura said...

I vote for yellow. Light yellow - not the obnoxious loud yellow. We painted the living room in our old house light yellow and it made a HUGE difference in the brightness of the room (it was a beige color). And I don't even like yellow. :)

Weight loss is a fun thing. This is my 5th week on my program and I can't pass a mirror without flexing. The sweating part sucks, but results make me happy enough to go for it. My clothes fit now! The scale number definitely doesn't matter - on the scale I've only lost 2 lbs, but I've gained so much muscle that the number really isn't an accurate assessment. I'll be your cheerleader. I'll take you shopping when you hit your goal too. :) You know you'll like it.