Thursday, April 26, 2007

Square is hip today

I was never one of those teenagers. Never a goody-goody or even a nerd. I was a band geek, but our football program was so bad, that it was okay to be in the band. I was always a good student, but I also could be the life of the party. No one would have called me "square". I drank with the best of them, dated much older guys, never did drugs, NEVER street raced, and was terrified to disrespect my parents. I did things that now, as prom night approaches, scare the hell out of me. Because I am the very "square" mother of teenage daughters.

But all of that said - I have found it very hip to be square today. All because I participated in a 2.5 x2.5 square grungy children art swap. Like an ATC only smaller. So much fun to make. I had two swap partners and both are international. I hope they are unaware of this blog because the packages may not have arrived yet.

Grungy children - by definition of the swap orginator. Dark - vintage in feel - no bright colors. Did I get it right? I certainly hope so.
On the left is "RECESS" - used to be my favorite part of the school day. We had these wide wide steps that went way down the hill to the playground. Played many an hour of Simon Says and 1-2-3- Redlight on those steps.
Top right - "GOOD BOY" I love the very grainy quality of this scan. You have to look carefully to see the dog. And I used an old postage stamp with a pheasant as an accent. Granddaddy, Charles dad, has many pictures with their various dogs and was always training another bird dog. We actually have a video, made from 8mm movies, of him crawling on all fours and extending and arm in an attempt to teach a bird dog to point. Every now and then we watch it just to laugh at him.
Bottom right - "SUNDAY BEST" This little girl looks so uncomfortable in her dressed up state. I used a torn piece of pattern tissue, the label off a wooden thread spool, and a snap to accent this and emphasize the handmade feel of this outfit.
I made two of each of these. Again - no purchases - USED WHAT I HAD. Slightly different, but the same artworks. I hope the recipients love these as much as I do.
I need to send special thanks to MaryAnn - she is the sweetest and most generous soul. I have been gifted again with some fun fabric. Ann Hovsepian - who sent a beautiful bookmark and fabric square. No photo, because the bookmark went into immediate use. Jen - who sent a goodie bag "just because" and those swap partners who have sent me things. I appreciate each and every one of you. And your generosity inspires me.
I also sent two crochet squares to a lady I read about in the paper. She is making a friendship blanket and I at random chose two from my stash. I received the nicest card from her yesterday, explaining more about the project. She has no computer, is on a limited income, and wanted to give her son something with a generosity story for a wedding gift. She is taking these sqaures and creating this afghan, as a demonstration to this young couple that there are still plenty of wonderful people in this world. I have discoved this myself and some of those wonderful people are you guys.
One last funny story - I live in a very rural area. I drive about 25 minutes into town to work. Yesterday on my way home -I was talking to bestfriend on the phone and I see and say "There is a couple walking down the road carrying a sofa." Yes - walking down the road carying a sofa. Best friends response. "it is Madison County - redneck movers" So I chose to rephrase my statement about this scene.
"They's a couple walkin' down the road totun a couch" I do speak redneck when required.
I hope each of you has a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

Hip Squares Unite!!! We'll carry banners and signs and we'll yell really loud!!

Felicia said...

They may be square but they're lookin' good!

MaryAnn said...

Is it an oxymoron to say that you've made some really cute grungy children? Also, if I choose to ignore the fact that prom time is around the corner, it simply means that I panic when I think of Miss C growing older than, say, 9.