Monday, April 16, 2007

Whew - what a weekend

Saturday morning - up at 3:45am to leave by 5am. Drive to Atlanta Airport area. Play volleyball for most of the day. Have lunch at Red Lobster. Drive 1 more hour south to Griffin, GA. Watch one softball game. Get stormed out of another. Spend the night in Griffin. Sunday Morning drive back to the airport for another valloeyball game.

The results - the girls did not perform as well as we would have liked, but I did finish the Granny Square Afghan. I finished it just before we played on Sunday. It was my goal to finish it by the end of this tournament.

The girls were always asking what I was working on during the season. This huge bag of yarn followed us everywhere. And shown above - most of the monsters with the blanket. 42 eight row squares and then 14 more rows around the outside edge.

Working on this was a conversation starter. I was something to keep me calm during games. And something to fill the times between games. It is comfortable and relaxing for me to do this. Other parents read, I can't do that. I need quiet to read and absorb what I read. But this, I can pick up and put away. I can start and stop at any point during a game. And in many a drafty gym, it was nice to have the warmth across my lap.

I will be posting this over on CIP also, because an afghan was one of my big projects for the year.

I have be de-stashing for a year now and I thought I was making progress on the yarn stash with this. Then, last Wednesday night, the preacher's wife shows up with two copier paper boxes of yarn cleaned out from her grandmothers stuff. So I just refilled the stash pile with enough yarn to do another afghan. I may have to change my CIP list to accomodate this free increase in my materials.

I do love the bright and scrappy feel of this blanket. I spread it out on my kingsized bed yesterday evening and loved how it looks. I think it shows the colors and how they can all work together even though they don't match - an illustration of my post last week.

This week will be a week of work - in - progress shots, because I again have a ton of things going. I cannot wait to get school kind of out of the way so I can be working more diligently on the studio. Even the girls are excited about it. Although, poor Molly will be the designated driver for all kinds of drop off and pick up for she and Abby both for summer practices. Not much sleeping in for them this summer. The real world slowly is taking over in their lives.

I hope you all are having a great day. I am so glad MaggieGrace goodies have returned.


Roxanne said...

Congratulations! It's gorgeous! What a great feeling that must be to finish such a large project!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Congratulations on finishing the granny square afghan. It is really beautiful. Sure you are happy about your accomplishment.

Ann said...

Ann A said... BEAUTIFUL WORK. Soo many hours of stiches and quietness.

Vallen said...

It's turned out beautifully. The border is perfect. It looks like a wonderful patchwork.

ellen said...

It did indeed turn out beautifully. It is matched only by the beauty of those young women who are holding it!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on finishing a great w-i-p!!!!!

Felicia said...

What a great story. Now that it will always be full of memories of those games and those trips. It turned out beautifully!

em said...

That afghan is beautiful! The colors are brilliant and the edging ties it all together. You must feel very accomplished. :)