Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Blogday to me.

Well the blog birthday was yesterday. I have been at this for a year. I really am having a very hard time believing that. How did the blog start? How did I name it? Why do I keep blogging?

How did it start? - I found swap-bot and joined a few swaps. Some of the people I swapped with had blogs and I started reading. Then I decided to create my own. Those first few posts were so bad.

The Name - a memorial to a baby I miscarried. My real name for those who might wonder. Teresa Atkinson.

Why do I blog? It started as a connection to those swap partners. Then as I read and commented, I met more and more people all over the world. I get so much inspiration from this medium and I hope I have provided some inspiration to others. I love the visiting that occurs back and forth from my friends here, and I do consider all of you my friends. There have been times when I thought I might quit, then someone leaves a comment and I realize that, however small it might be, this small site might have a positive impact.

Where do I want to go in the next year? I want this to be a kind place, a place of positive messages, I want to meet even more people who are attracted to a handcrafted and upbeat lifestyle. I want to continue my journey towards being the best I can be, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I want to create more. I want to give more. I want to be fully aware of the smallest blessings in my life. I want to share a good message with those who need to hear it. I want to spend time with you my cyber friends and those I can see face to face.

Special thanks to a few who have been fast friends. There are so many, it is hard, I don't want anyone to be slighted here but there is a special bond that just happens sometimes.

MaryAnn you are amazing, generous, kind, and you give me so much inspiration. I have been challenged and encouraged by you through your blog and personal emails as well as notes and care packages. You da bestest. A daily check in with you happens every weekday. (Professor MaryAnn on my sidebar)

Vallen - the queen herself - a fairly new buddy who shares so much humour and inspiration on her blog. Vallen makes things - lots of things. Vallen loves her family. Vallen cooks - I could learn how if I chose to. Vallen makes us all feel like we are royalty too. (Queenly Things on the sidebar)

Shula - my Aussie pal - Crochet and dolls and wit and wisdom - her beautiful crocheted wedding coat caught my attention on Flickr and I have been to visit her blog over and over - each new post amazes me. (Poppalina on those daily reads)

Corey - an American who gave all to love and moved with that love to France. She makes me think with every post and the eye candy that she shares is forever inspiring. Of course, I would have given into that love too. Look at him. (Tongue in Cheek on the blogroll)

Emily - the black apple - a fellow Athenian. I was a fan long before she moved back here. And she is just as adorable in person as she comes across in the blog. Every new painting or doll is my favorite.

I chose five, but I have so many others that I read everyday. (like about 100 of you) I appreciate all of you and what you bring to my life.

Now the picture above. If a certain someone looks carefully, she will see that this is in response to a challenge I am participating in. Look carefully at the colors ladies - see if they speak to you.

Thank you all for visits here. Thank you for your comments. Thanks for prayers. Thanks for encouraging me. Thanks for everything. As I celebrate my blog birthday - I am really celebrating you.

Have a wonderful day - Teresa


Roxanne said...

Happy Blog Birthday Teresa! I am so thankful that I "met" you out here. Your blog has inspired me and pushed me to share more of the real me on my blog and to not hide behind the things I create. Congratulations on 1 year, I hope there are many more to come!!

Janet said...

Happy Blog Birthday, a day late! I'm happy that you decided to create a blog. I can assure you that you provide inspiration for others (me included) and I think all the things you want for your blog are just the things you're already just continue on that path.

Vallen said...

Happy Blogday Teresa, Queen of Comer, Goergia and all you survey. I love you right back. We will cook together someday to be sure!

Felicia said...

Happy blog birthday!

laeroport said...

Happy Blog birthday! Blow out your candle and make a wish!

Ann-Margret said...

*HUGGGGGS* I really appreciate your blog (and you!) :)

ellen said...

Happy Blog b'day to you! I hope you have many more. Thanks for the time I get to peek in on your world. I enjoy it!

Erin said...

Happy bloggy-birthday. : )

Dawn said...

Happy Bloggy B-day, Teresa!!!!!!

MaryAnn said...

Darnit, I'm a day late for the party! ARGH! I love you, and happy belated Blogday!