Friday, April 20, 2007

Journey, Adventure, Experience - planning a map

Journey - any course or passage from one stage or experience to another.

Adventure - a happening, a daring undertaking, an unusual, stirring experience, to take a risk.

Experience - personal involvement in or observation of events as they occur, all that has happened in ones life to date, the effect on a person of events that have happened, the reaction of a person to those events.

Map - to arrange or plan in detail, to survey or explore for the purpose of making a visual representation.

There is no map for this journey called life. It is an adventure that must be experienced along the way. Only by following the heart and soul can we find our way through. Listen to what yours is saying and follow your true path. Then you can show others that yours is not the one right way, that the way is different for each and everyone.

I'm listening to my heart. It is time to make some inroads on the journey my heart is telling me to follow. MaggieGraceCreates is becoming a sharper focus in my life. While MaryAnn is becoming freer in her creativity by pulling back from selling her work, I am feeling the need to explore more of my creativity as an additional source of income. Maybe some shows, an etsy shop, not really sure. (Could it be that the reality of sending a child off to college is telling me that I need more income?)

Soul searching, planning, defining. How to market? What to market? That's where I am today. Not heavy, just focused. A really good place for me.

Photo above - a map fabric in my day job showroom. I painted a cheap frame with black spraypaint and framed this gorgeous green and gold fabric. But it sure did photograph beautifully in black and white.

Have a beautiful day.

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MaryAnn said...

I'm so glad you're thinking about moving forward to sell your work! It's rewarding! I'm glad to stop for awhile. I'm feeling that my "style" is changing and I'm in a really playful mode while I figure it out!