Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Slow slow slow at work.

Reading this book - interviews with cooks and chefs. Wonderful.

I love cookbooks. For many years, I didn't cook. I can cook, I just didn't. But I bought and continue to buy cookbooks, I drool over the pictures. I want to learn to cook better. So now that I am trying to eat better and exercise, I am cooking more and trying new things. It's all good. I am actually USING my cookbooks. New to me - new to my family - and unbelievably - a welcome break to our food budget. By shopping carefully and planning, I can minimize the impact on the check book. Eating out is expensive.

I am working in the studio A LOT getting ready for the Art Show. Don't get me wrong, I love that focus on being creative, but I am ready to slow down a little and nest a lot. To do some things in and around my house. Ready for painter to be finished and get the outside landscaping and porches done. To take everything out of the cabinets in my kitchen - get a pantry cabinet added and move things to locations that make more sense.

My girls can drive themselves places and I am home more than I have been in years. I can see now that the home we made has been a great place for raising these girls, it is just time for some "gussying up" in order to really enjoy spending time there.

Is this what "pre-empty nest syndrome" looks and feels like? Or is this quest for simplicty and prettifying a product of getting healthy and feeling more balanced. I am not sure what a true mid life crisis looks like, but if this is what its about - count me in.

Don't look for me in a cute sports car featuring a boob job and face lift - I'll be in the kitchen or the studio or sitting at that new (old) table on the front porch.

Just random babble for the day.

I have a beautiful life - I think I always did, but now I can really see it.

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Marti said...

Thank you. What is a google reader? btw, I love the costumes. Who did the Joker's costume & makeup? It is perfect!