Thursday, October 22, 2009

MaggieGrace is back.

I was in the barn a LOT last night again. The result below.

Isn't that drapery fabric in the back fabulous. It is a sample fabric and has all the tags still on it. Cotton sateen -love love love.

Button jewelry. The one on the left seems to want to be a brooch, it is made from a woven leather coat button, some old shirt buttons and copper wire. Kinda funky and different. The other two are stacks of buttons glued together. Blatantly stole the idea from a gift sent by my buddy MaryAnn.

Collage spoon pendants. Just so you know - all of these come with a story or message. They kinda design themselves. I am loving the "framed" gibson girl image. I black inked tehn embossed a gold dresden letting just a bit of the gold show through. The cross says "all things new" and I think the bird is self explanatory.

I am trying so hard to get over using my stuff. I have a hard time with the not hoarding concept. Not sure why, but I do. I see all these people using and selling their finds and I think what a great idea that is, but then I just can't seem to jump in there myself.

Sorry about the glare - the 3D glass finish makes these so hard to photograph -- need to build a light box of some sort.

When I went in to eat dinner - cooked by the Man at my Address - I told him that I was making some amazing things last night. The two above are what I was refering to as amazing. I bought a grab bag of charms from Fire Mountain and the charms designed these.

Purple and gold mulberry paper on the left - signify royalty. The keyhole on the right was the center of the dresden frame from earlier. It says "home" in the heyhole.

Here are those two with the charms hanging in front. A key to the home and praying hands. I am loving these two too.

Have a fabulous day. I got more spoons to collage tonight after that bootcamp workout.

Be back tomorrow.


Julie Ann said...

Very cool!! I love how you've combined the spoon pendants and charms together :) Ohh, I do love the gibson girl one, too! With the inked border, it's oh so cameo-y looking! (Wow, that was a fun word... lol!)

Jennifer said...

I love the Gibson Girl best of all too!

Remember, my Mama wants to see these
(trust me, that's a big deal)

see you there! said...

Its all good but my favorite is the spoon with the hands. You've sure been busy creating lately.