Thursday, January 25, 2007

AWOL - sorry

I am sorry that I have been AWOL, there just has not been too much to report. Mom is improving steadily. She is at her home and we check in all the time. She is (and we are) learning new ways to accomplish things. We are adapting to the new routine. When I went there last night, she was crocheting. She has learned to hold the thread using her weaker hand in a different way than before. She has done some machine sewing, but still struggles with a needle and thread. This is important to her. Slowly she is resuming housework and cooking as well ( this is not as important to her). I guess I am more like her than I would like to admit.

I have very little on the creative front to share.

The fabric in the photo is riding around in my truck. It is a heavy upholstry fabric and I love the colors. I am thinking that a table cloth of this and some off cuts of corderouy and velvet might be fun. Mom scarfed this up as they were cleaning out the last of the stuff from my Grandmother's house.

I have a couple of things in the works that I will be posting tomorrow on the CIP blog.

Now to answer a few questions left in comments on earlier posts.

Jen - I'll choose Cheer and Snuggle. Because those are the two things I really could use right now. I have felt pulled in way too many directions for the last 12 days and I sure could use that hug.

Vallen - I'd love to have you cook for me. Nothing better than good food, a glass of wine, and conversation among friends. Lovely.

MaryAnn - the vacuuming is not a huge deal at my house, so never fear. I only have one room of carpet. All of the other floors are either wood or vinyl, one exception, I have brick across one end of the living room.

Metallyptica - what the hell is sweet tea? It is a truely Southern thang. Brewed orange peoke and black tea. (I use Luzianne brand) Boil in a small pan of water for a really strong concoction. Pour into 1 one gallon pitcher (jug) with 2 cups of sugar. Stir well to dissolve the sugar. Then top off by filling the remainder with water. Serve over ice or cold out of the refrigerator. Now for those above the Mason-Dixon line - I mean no offense - bringing me a glass of unsweet iced tea and sugar and a spoon just will not work. The sugar will never fully dissolve in the cold water. The very first stop I make when I come home from a trip out west or up north, Zaxby's - because that my dears is a good tea place.

I also found a wonderful treat at the grocery store this weekend. Banana Pudding ice cream by Mayfield. Complete with the vanilla wafers. I love banana pudding. That too is a southern thang. My best friend even had two made for my birthday instead of a birthday cake.

If you have more questions or need clarification on other "southern specialties", please feel free to ask.

Have a beautiful day.


Vallen Queen said...

I'm off this moment to buy Vanilla Wafers then I'll be right over.

shula said...

Sweet Tea....

sounds wonderful.

But I would be nervous. Last time someone offered me an iced drink in the South, it had me out cold for a couple of hours. It was a mint julep, with the kick of a mule.

Beware of innocent looking, smiling Southern ladies bearing pretty drinks, is the moral of that story.

Your Mum sounds a lot like me. As long as I could work out a way to keep crocheting, I would be fine. Otherwise i might as well be dead. Didn't take her long, did it?

MaryAnn said...

Hey, I love me some sweet tea and I'm a yankee! Well, southern Ohioans tend to think we're from the deep south, but we're still yankees. And I drink a gallon a day, no joke.