Friday, January 05, 2007

More ATC

The two on the bottom are among my favorites I have ever received. Heavy and distressed and made from recycled labels. They are from a swap-bot partner. I cannot rate her yet, but she will get the best rating I can give.

The three on the top are for MaryAnn from my indulgence project. I am near completion of this - I just need a few more addresses. MaryAnn played word association with me on the words and I hope I captured her answers in the artwork.

Yesterday was a tough day so all I accomplished in the creation arena was organizing the floss for one of my CIP projects. I have started one project and have strewn across the dining room table part of the materials for another. I wish I was wealthy enough to hire someone to finish the studio. But then - it will have some much more meaning to know that we accomplished this.

Question - request for help - somewhere in my cyber travels I saw a countertop that I want to duplicate on an old cabinet in the studio. It was patchwork (maybe scrapbook papers) and had buttons sprinkled across it ( will buy cheap buttons packs at the dollar store for that - no vintage stuff) - but had a clear layer encasing all of this. Any ideas on accomplishing this type of surface. It does not have to be really strong. I will have a work table so this will only be a display and staging type of surface. It will need to be waterproof because one end is going to have a cold water only sink in it.

I also had forgotten one detail that will definitely be in this area. I collect CocaCola items and several years ago a customer gave me a stack of painted and screened wooden crate sides that were never assembled. I have not decided how to use these. Right now they are stacked in that little space between the washer and dryer. But now that I remembered having them - I will make that plan.

I hope you all have wonderful weekend. My girls are back in school and that means that we are back in the gym tonite for basketball. I will be cross stitching.

Have a beautiful day.


Laura said...

For the counter - polyurethane. Call Melissa and ask. We used it on the kitchen counter when I sponged it at the house (looks great - very artsy of me, hmmm?). It like what is on bars. you have to glue the buttons and whatnot down first though. We did 3 coats I think. Again, ask Melissa. I am incredibly un-handy.

On another note - no idea you collect coke stuff! I have so many coke bottles it's sick. Great minds... LOL!

Come see our new digs if you're ever passing thru ATL.

MaryAnn said...

I love the huge sneak peek! And yes, it's polyurethane!