Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

This is a fun quilt. It is in the window of a fairly new quilt shop in Lavonia Georgia. Ola's Quilt Shop is owned and operated by a lovely 70ish lady, Ola, who has wanted to owna shop forever and chose now - in her 70's do do the thing she has always dreamed of. Isn't that wonderful.

I spent my weekend in a low key and restful way. With my family and puttering away at getting some projects done. I cleaned out and tossed and boxed up for the thrift store. The girls are going to get the tree down today and we will pack that up in the attic tonight.

I enjoy the holidays, but I am happy to be back to some semblance or normalcy.

I have opened and posted to the new Christmas in Progress blog. I hope we can find plenty of people to play along with us.

I have my resolutions written down - I have my 12 month play along items decided - I have a wish list of projects I would like to complete. The studio is progressing. I am as ready for 2007 as I possibly can be.

If you would like to play along with us on CIP - email me or hop over there and leave a comment.

Have a beautiful day.

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