Thursday, January 18, 2007

The last two - and an update.

These two are my favorite one's of this batch of ATC.

The top was from an antique store handout. I saw it and literally woke up during the night with how I wanted to complete it. Remember these were all made using materials thrown into a bag. So the tools were limited. I wanted embossed lettering to say toys across that fire engine pedal car. I went to sleep Friday night trying to figure out how to do that with no stamps and embossing powder. Awake early Saturday and realize I have a newspaper, an ink pen, and various other kitchen utensils. So I wrote the word and then scribbled over and over it from the back. I further defined the edges using things from the kitchen drawer and then distressed it with the scissor blade. This is my all time favorite ATC I have ever made. Simple looking and graphic and the actual process reflects ingenuity. FUN FUN FUN.

The bottom one was my Mom's favorite from these. A button card. It had the two pink buttons still attached. I took them loose carefully and covered part of the card with more of that Altoids paper. Added another of those Coca-Cola ladies tags and then wired the buttons back on. What you cannot see in the picture is that the buttons are similar in shape and size to some on the dresses in the label. Mom wanted this one for herself, but it was allocated for a swap. I guess I will be doing Mom something for her in the next few weeks.

She said she never thought much about mixed media work, but she likes what I am doing with these.

So now for the update. I printed the comments and emails from all of you. She was blown away by the fact that there are people all over the world praying for her. She is doing quite well for having gone through all this. But there is a fear of being alone. The first day of physical therapy and occupational therapy was today. She is exhausted. Tracey goes back to work tomorrow and I will be with Mom. We may cut and glue some things for part of the therapy follow up. The OT wants her to start re-learning to use everything as quickly as possible. She is quite mobile and other than tiring easily can be up as much as she wants to.

It bothers me to see her fumble over things. She is clumsy with the left side and gets frustrated about it. I want to help her but all of the therapists tell us to let her try and figure it out. It is almost like having a little one again. The funniest thing was last night when she went to the bathroom and came back in the living room and announced to all of us that she pulled her own drawers up. I had never even thought about that being difficult. But if you only have one arm working I guess it is.

I do hope you all will continue praying for her and us as we figure all this out.

Have a wonderful day.


Roxanne said...

I really like all your ATCs. Its so neat to see found objects become art...old navy tags, altoid wrappers, etc. Very refreshing! Art need not cost a lot and does not have to come from the scrapbook store!!! So glad to hear your mom is up and around already! I'm sure she has a long road & a lot of work ahead of her, but I bet you will be surprised how fast she progresses. My prayers will continue to be with your family!

jen b said...

Oh my goodness Teresa. I have been swapped with work all week and been completely out of the loop. I just now read about your mom. I am so sorry. Please know we are all sending you our thoughts and our strength to get you through this tough time. I wish I lived closer, I'd do your laundry. hugs my friend.

Pink Granite said...

Hi -
I found you from Darlene's blog. Wishing your Mom Naomi, your sister Tracey, and you all the best! We will be holding you all in our thoughts. We hope she makes steady progress in her recovery from the stroke.
- Lee