Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh MY God - these are beautiful

I do hope the owner of these does not mind. I am giving full credit. These are Paper sculptures featured at I followed a link from Pam Garrison comments and found this work. Are these incredible or what? I just love how this blog trail leads us to one another. I always try to give full credit when I find these awesome artists. I love the support we give each other. My horizons are broader - my work is improving - my spirit is enriched.

I also love how sometimes you find images and items that mirror exactly what I am thinking at a given moment. I was talking to a friend last night about the masks we all wear. About the ones that are necessary and the ones we think are required. Why we hide and what initially brought about a particular mask.

The discussion ended with a discussion about "trust." I have only a very few people who know the full unabridged "real" me. I havve only a few people that I know them as well as that. Those people understand all of the masks and why they exist and I know about theirs. My thoughts.

I like knowing all about those masks.
I understand them all.
As a friend I will help you put on the ones that are for protection of you and others.
But I will also give you a safe place to take them off and hang them on the wall.
We all need that.
A safe place to put away all of the masks.
A safe person to help us put them on when needed.
A safety net to catch our masks if for some reason it slips and falls.
An encourager to appear in public without a mask.
I trust you my friend - please trust me.

I wrote that after the discussion yesterday. I hide behind many masks - some required - some self imposed. I am so appreciative that I have that safety zone. That place where I can let my guard down. And rest. Sometimes the masks and the effort of wearing them gets heavy and exhausting.

All of you blogger buddies allow me that place creatively. I don't have to explain my creations. I don't have to explain my need to create. I don't have to explain or try to justify any of that here and I thank you all for that. At work - they refer to my creative self as the "alter ego" and shake their heads in pity or disbelief. At home - sometimes I have to explain why I just have to make something. Here - I am free to share it and request input and advice. Here - I am comfortable without some of my masks.

And everyday I find a little more of me. Everyday this little bit of me gets stronger. Everyday I become more important. And someday, I will be comfortable all the time without some of those masks. Then maybe I will only choose the fun and beautiful masks like those pictured - just for smiles instead of needing them to hide behind.

Off for a work weekend and a little pampering of me in the down time.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Metallyptica said...

Thanks for letting us all know about the fantastic artists you find on the internet!!

This one is just great, if I had the money to spend in a piece of art of hers I'd certainly buy it... I loved the link!