Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So I am a little weird

I have been tagged by reading others weird lists and since I have no MaggieGrace goodness to share today, I am choosing to share some (and I do mean some) of my weirdness.

1. I pay more for a single bottle of tequila than almost any pair of shoes in my closet. I prefer the good stuff only. I will save money for a bottle of the good stuff and wait for a drink rather than drink any cheap tequila. And I keep mine in the freezer.

2. I write reminder notes to myself on the bathroom mirror in eyeliner or lip pencil. Not love notes only reminders.

3. I cannot chew gum without blowing bubbles. Therefore I never chew gum in a situation where blowing bubbles is not appropriate.

4. I read my horoscope at night to see if it agrees with what happened to me today.

5. I am offended when people mispronouce names. I have an easy to pronounce maiden name, Scogin (long "o") but because it is unusual, it was pronounced like the more common spellings, Scoggins (short "o" like cot). We went through this over and over dealing with the hospital last week and no matter how many times I corrected it people repeatedly mispronounced mother's last name.

6. I prefer my Coca-Cola with ice and a straw. If I am at home I will only drink it out of a glass. But I am okay with a bottle, plastic or paper cup, or can away from home. I also rate restaurants based on their sweet tea. My girls also do this - asking as we go in - "is this a good tea place?"

There is more weirdness about me. But some of it I am choosing to keep to myself lest you all decide you really don't want to get to know me at all.

I am tagging those who haven't done this already. Leave me a comment letting me know you are participating. Have fun.


Vallen Queen said...
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Vallen said...
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Vallen said...

I wish we had the opportunity to rate sweet tea here in the west. I always order sweet tea when I'm in the south and I make my own at home but i don't believe my taste to be refined enough to judge. I'm just thankful when I can get it.

Roxanne said...

He, he...looks like Vallen was having some technical difficulty out here! Or more likely blogger stinks! It also annoys me when people mispronounce names. My last name gets absolutely tortured (Beauvais - pronounced Bo(long 'O')-Vay), but my maiden name is March, and people pronounced that wrong all the time. My conclusion is just that the majority of folks out there are not that bright! Thanks for sharing!

maggiegracecreates said...

the two deleted comments above were duplicates of one that remains from Vallen. Seems blogger was having problems yet again.

Metallyptica said...

Ah ah! I loved this post! I might be joining in some day...

But... what the hell is sweet tea??

MaryAnn said...

I, too, am a sweet tea rater. For instance, Rax restaurants has some of the best ever. Denny's, however, does not.