Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is a "Beautiful Life"??

The photograph is staged. At work. Beside a whirlpool display. Pulled together from things in the store. Things I brought in because I like them. Hot tea and honey. A candle lamp. My coffee/tea cup. Wrist warmers from the ever lovely Vallen. All arranged on a fabulous wooden tray.

This brings to mind a breakfast in bed tray. And that is something only my girls have ever done for me. I have had coffee brought to me in bed. I have had room service delivered. I have fixed myself a tray and gone back to bed with it. One idea of a beautiful life to me is these kinds of small celebrations.

I watched Barefoot Contessa in Paris this weekend on Food Network and thought about how much fun a no-cook picnic looked. She purchased fresh produce and cheese and wine - finger foods to share with a loved one. Not complicated, but delicious foods shared over conversation with someone you care about. Another small celebration of a beautiful life.

My MIL, Ann, serves us off her good china any time we are there. She finds that time together worth celebrating. Again, a small thing that adds to a beautiful life.

My girls are 13 and 16, but every night as they go to bed they asked, "will you come and tuck." That involves simply going in, a kiss on the forehead, and the words "good night,sleep tight, bed bugs." We have shortened the whole saying to a kind of family dialect. A true moment each night of a beautiful life.

This morning, I passed several things in the closet for an outfit that is comfortable and appropriate for work. You know the outfit. The one you feel good in. The one you won't really think about again until the next time you put it on and then realize it has become a favorite. That is a small thing in a beautiful life.

As I ponder this phrase today, I have come to the realization that I lead a busy life with beautiful moments and that is a life worth continuing to pursue. I will continue to simplify and celebrate small things. I will try to find "grace notes" every day. I will continue to approach this idea of a beautiful life. But as I go along in my busy life - I am going to look for those beautiful moments.

Side thought - this a luxury item. I stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago many years ago. On the room service menu there were options for massages, manicures, pedicures and the like. One that caught my eye was the room service "Bath". My company was picking up the tab so I ordered one. Cheese and fruit tray, small bottle of wine, and an attendant drawing my bath. He ran the water, added bubble bath, lit candles, warmed the towels and robe, floated orange blossoms on the bubbles. All while I watch tv. He emerges from the bathroom and announces "Ma'am your bath is ready" then discreetly leaves. That my friends is a luxury event I wish I could have again.

This is national de-lurking week in blogland. I hope each of my readers will take the time to leave a comment to this post. Leave us a celebration of beauty in your busy life.

Have a wonderful day.


Vallen said...

Two things that are undeniably beautiful - a luxurious bath and a meal in bed. I try to do both on a weekly basis. But I wish I still had someones to tuck in at night.

jen b said...

I love this post, every word! Little things matter so much, they make up the joy in our lives.

Jean said...

What a beautiful post. Great food for thought! I guess we need to disect our days into momentsand focus on the good ones.

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Can you imagine the world we'd live in if everybody had similar thoughts? There are so many beautiful things we encounter every day but too many people overlook them. That's why I love our little "blogland"--a place to find people who have similar ideas of living a beautiful, meaningful life--not one to be rushed through but savored! Thanks for this post--I think it's brilliant! xo-Melfie

Raesha D said...

Excellent post:) I wore one of those "outfits" to work today - a little frumpy, but absolutely comfortable:) Your bath sounded fabulous!!!

Roxanne said...

Your post made me think about the little stuff today. It was very cold and windy here today and I realized how muched I loved the sound of the furnace kicking in. Makes me feel warm before the heat even reaches me. Thanks!

carolyn said...

Nice post, I think I'll pour myself a cuppa in my nice china!

shula said...

The bath service? Moments like that force you to recognise that there really is a God.