Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Be afraid

I am participating in a Photo Scavenger hunt and one of the clues from my partner is stained glass. This is one of my favorite windows in the sanctuary at our church. We have several and the center emblem in each one is different. Other clues from this partner are - a book published before 1950 - and graffitti. This has been a fun swap to work on and I hope my partner is pleased.

The dove is from the Noah's Ark story. He is bringing back an olive branch to signify that there is new life on earth after the flood waters recede. It is a sign for Noah to open the ark and start life anew.

My Mom is in much the same place right now. She is starting her life with some contraints. A new life - different and yet still viable and fulfilling. I went last night and spent time with her. I was rested and refreshed. I am making peace with my emotional issues over the scare we had. We were both in a good place. I took her a small gift. A crochet pattern book and after a few household chores, we just visited.

There was an air of respect and forgiveness in the visit. See - my Mom has an Angel and a daughter - and I am not the angel. There have been many stormy times in our relationship. I have spent the better part of the last three or four years dealing with some of those issues. But I took none of that with me and we were two adults last night. She told me when I walked in that I looked pretty. And as we visited, she was encouraging about my creative pursuits. She even complimented my parenting of the girls. All of this was something I have desperately needed from her in the past. But now - I have overcome needing that and it has been given to me. An offering of an olive branch - to begin life anew.

So why the post title you are asking???? Last night wasn't scary - but this morning sure has been.

Behold - My desk. We were hammered this morning from 8 am. Customers, deliveries, phone calls. Retrieving information. At 10am - turned around from the computer screen and saw this view. "What the hell happened to my desk???"

I normally would have just started sorting, but it struck me that I haven't shared the reality of my day job. Here it is in all of its glamour and charm. I sell plumbing - yes - toilets and bathtubs and everything else that water may enter your house through. And it is amazing how much detail goes into this occupation. HGTV has done us no favors either. I spend about 1/2 of my day chasing materials - because people expect instant gratification. (you know you can remodel a kitchen in 30 minutes right?) The other 1/2 is waiting on people. Helping a homeowner decide. Ordering specials. Scheduling deliveries. Answering the phone. That is just in my store. I am also responsible for the showrooms in 5 other stores. That involves a little travel and vendor/manufacturer meetings at times. Busy at work, busy at home, busy at church. No wonder I feel as if I might meet myself in the road.

Still it is a good day. Now I am stopping to clean off the desk and see if I can expedite the materials for our Aiken SC showroom.

Have a wonderful day.

Maybe some MaggieGrace goodies for tomorrow.

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liz said...

hi teresa,
i just wanted to tell you just HOW much your message on my blog meant to me. i know we have never met--but the things you said and that i've read on your blog have helped me SO much!! PLEASE get back in touch-- i think we have LOTS in common--and LOTS to vent about!!
thanks again--you are so sweet!
liz xx