Monday, January 22, 2007

It amazes me......

What you can do with "junk and stuff." I never go far without a bag. Sometimes a bag of smaller bags. And this is just what I have done with all of these ATC. I piled all kinds of stuff into smaller bags and boxes. Add some glue sticks, a ruler, and scissors and a hole punch. This is the outcome. All of these are winging their way to new homes as we speak. I do hope the new owners are happy to receive them.

These two are made from a recycled bamboo calendar box given out at my local chinese restaurant. I did add the stamp and embossing at home. These are in my favorite colors. Soft sultry - the kind of tones you would find in the sunset or in the Grand Canyon. The yarn is a fabulous hand dyed cotton and features so many of the colors in the box. Because of the coloration - I really enjoyed these. The photo was taken on a Granny Square crib blanket my mom made from scrap yarns.

Next - true junk mail ( except for the diamond in the center) I called this one textures of light. Images were taken from a Target sale catalog. Except for the orangey gold and it is from an envelope flap. I love the way light strikes items and creates all these textural, shadowed images. This is magazine collage, which I don't normally enjoy, but I limited myself to one magazine and that made it easier.
Another junk mail assemblage. I named this one "Time at Home". Again all images from tha same target sale catalog. I had the key from an old diary lock and and then penciled in the wall so it appears to be viewed through the glass. On this predominately grey collage - I love the red punches.

More to come.

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Vallen said...

You have been very busy. The collages are terrific. I'm going to try your trick of having a bag with me at all times.