Thursday, January 18, 2007

not completely a craft slacker

Some ATC for swaps. All made from "what I had." All of these are from recycled materials.

Now - I hope the descriptions are in the right order. The first one is from a paint sample box. I am in the construction industry so I get some really cool junkmail. I get all kinds of new product trend and color trend information - so I took the box and cut the descriptions apart then reassembled them to fit the ATC format. This was one of my offerings for the Swap-Bot recycled box ATC swap.

Next - for the Swap-bot "you choose" ATC swap. I made these from materials gathered over time and literally tossed in my bag. The background is cut from a post card advertising a holiday open house at a loghome company. The words and pinecone were cut from Christmas cards.

And last, for the Swap-Bot recycled label swap. This was made from a paper lantern package from Old Navy. I put it on a "sparked" background cut from a Christmas Card. Quick and easy , but I love the graphics.

I made some of these on the porch over the weekend and then some were made in the wee hours of the morning sitting by my Mom's hospital bed. Luckily she is a creative person too and was not at all bothered by me showing up with a bag of paper scraps and "stuff" to work on.

Because of blogger issues, there will be other posts today so I will hold the update until then.

Have a wonderful day.

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Tinuviel said...

Beautiful things. Thanks for sharing your photos!