Monday, July 09, 2007

Can't put a title up here today - what is with that???

A photo of a package from crafter and thrifter extraordinaire, Miss MaryAnn. She and I could easily be sisters I do believe. She had a drawing on her blog for these vintage papers and I was the lucky recipient of one of the packs. There is all kinds of goodness in here. It will be converted into a special gift for her. I have already started adding my stuff to the pile and I have a plan.

She and I think so much alike sometimes that it gets scary. See the really cool garden structures book jacket - I just sent her a package of pages from a landscaping book to use in her creations. Guess what - this guy, Aul, wrote only a few books and we each had one. I sent her pages from another of his books. I was tickled to open this and find it. For all you curious ones, I will sneak peeks as I put her giftie together.

About my post earlier - I am trying to find my way through the hurt of a betrayal. One that has rocked the center of my being. I have to be honest - this is huge and it hurts worse than being diagnosed with cancer. I am finding forgiveness to be difficult and learning that I may have to will that act over and over in order to function again. Trust will be even more difficult. One moment I am fine and the next I am either livid or melted down. I will admit that walking away from this would be the easiest path, I am just so sure it is not the right path. I can say that this will be a long term healing process and I am not sure how it will all play out. This act of betrayal has threatened my family and my childrens emotional well being and that has riled the mama bear in me in a big way. The really bad part of it, when I am hurt, I can mow your legs out from under you without any problem and that behavior will add even more hurt to the entire situation.

I did not get to go to the Plum Tree antiques store on Sat. The ballgame schedule was not really condusive. Abby played 3 games - had an hour break - then three more games. They took thrid place in the tourney. We did have a nice dinner at a mexican place complete with acoustical band. The girls really enjoyed themselves - singing along and dancing.

I did get a tiny bit done on the embroidery piece but nothing else. I don't feel like creating. I tried to read on Friday night, but my concentration is just not there.

Today is Miss Abby's birthday. We had cheesecake for the team on Saturday as her party. Poor child, we always play ball at her birthday and her party ends up just being cheescake on the bleachers. We are having dinner of her choice at home tonight and Nomi (my mom) will be there. Then after dinner, I will try to focus my brain on making something creative.

I do hope your weekend was wonderful. I hope a wonderful day is in progress for you too.


Vallen said...

Happy B-day Miss A. Cheesecake on the bleachers is just a start. Abby jst needs to be introduced to the birthday week when everyday is a birthday celebratioon.

see you there! said...

Looks like you got a great selection of things to create with.
Funny how we find friends so like ourselves in blogland.

I put the sunflower you sent on my hat - I love it! I posted a pic. along with your directions on my blog.


H & A said...

Happy Birthday Abby. H & A