Thursday, July 26, 2007

Still a Redneck...

This is not a political blog. There are plenty of those. This is not a hollywood watch blog. Plenty of those too. But right now I have something on my mind that I want to say.

You can give a redneck money, but you cannot give them class. Photo illustrates this perfectly. Really expensive SUV, jacked up tall enough to walk under. WHY?????? Cause the gene is there.

I am not a sports fan, but I do not want people like Michael Vick having an influence on my children. Talent - hell yes. Incredible athlete - no argument. Worthy of being a role model to anyone's children - absolutely not. This is not a race issue with me either. This is about arrogance and the feeling that he is above the law. He is - in my way of thinking - nothing more than a rich (as my Nanny would say) hoodlum.

The same feeling of being "better than everyone" and "above the laws" prevails in Hollywood circles. Linsay Lohan, Paris, Richey, Brittany. They have no resepct for anyone else, and they have no self respect either.

If you are a public figure in anyway, you have to understand that there are people watching you. You are in a position to make incredibly good things happen or you can draw young people into the nightmare of watching you destroy yourself an maybe even having those watching choose your path.

I know of what I am speaking in a small way. I was the youth director. In that capacity, I had to make public choices that may not have been what I really wanted to do. I was careful in restaurants to make sure no one could interpret my drink as alcohol. I was careful in my attire. If I was with those children, I tried to choose my words carefully. I tried to protect "my" kids from any word or action that could be misinterpreted. Notice - I say tried. I may not have always been successful, but I took the role seriously enough to continually try.

Jake Westbrook is a major league pitcher. His parents live near me. Jake grew up in my town. Played ball for the same high school my girls attend. He takes the public part of his role seriously. He will sign an autograph, even if someone disturbs his dinner. He loves the way kids look up to sports figures as role models and he wants to give them a positive picture. He is not so arrogant to think like the falcons quarterback. (Vick in an interview said in effect it doesn't matter what I get myself into, my fans gonna love me anyway.) Jake wants to re-earn the respect and adoration of his fans with every pitch and every performance. This young man is worthy of my respect - others are not.

I am proud of the circle of people I call friends. I am proud of the cyber friends I have found through all of you. I know that my daddy can look down at me and be proud of how I turned out. Did I make mistakes? Did I screw up royally? Sure did at times. Am I arrogant enough to think, I am above the consequences of those mistakes - not in the least. Have I improved myself as I have aged? I sure hope so. Do I strive to be a better person every day? In every way possible.

Respect - it is hard earned and so easily lost. Think hard about your actions. It is that important.

Hey Mr. Vick, Lindsay, Brittany, Paris, Nicole - would your grandmother be proud of you right now????? Do you care???

Have a great day people.


Ann-Margret said...

*insert the sound of roaring applause*

Right on, Teresa! I totally agree with you. At my church this past month both our Men's and Women's groups examined the influence we have on our kids as role models. We asked some of the teens what they look for in role models and we were surprised by some of the answers. Many of us felt challenged to take a closer look at the examples we're setting, the messages we're sending out.

Thanks for this great post! I hope someone's listening. :)

Mary Ann said...

Great two cents! I loathe pop culture and try very hard to keep its influence out of my home. So far, so good.