Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A round of applause for ....

All of my cyber buddies out there. I have been showered with birthday love from my lovelies. I shared MaryAnn's gift with you already. I also received goodies from Roxanne, Raesha, and a prize I won from Crafty Metallyptica came in the mail also. Fun Fun Fun.

This out of focus picture is a sneak peak at the Queen's goodies - almost ready to go. Loving the bright colors on this one and I USED WHAT I HAD. I will post more - when I know she has it in her hands.

Pictures of my birthday goodies. Roxanne sent the cross stitch book, Raesha the pages, note cards and that really cute pouch in front. Teresa sent the goldstone ring. Loving this all. I never even got to put the ring on though. Miss Molly scarfed it right up - seems it goes with a certain brown outfit she wears all the time.

A fun story triggered by the cross stitch book. It is nursery rhymes and there is a pattern for Tinkerbell in there. When both of my girls were small, they used to call the reflections on the car ceiling - "tinkerbell". They always wanted me to catch the light with my engagement ring and make tinkerbells for them. A watch face or anything shiny would work - but they really enjoyed the multiples that my ring made. Several weeks ago, I was lunching with a friend and in the car on the way, their watch face caught the light and made that reflection on the ceiling - unconciously I remarked - oh there's Tinkerbell. This person - no children - was tickled to hear that story and has remarked that those stories are the kind of thing they regret in not having children of their own. I love that we have those kinds of stories with our girls and they get retold over and over again and again.

Tough week at work - we are short handed - vaction time and I cannot seem to get anything going like normal - I am loading trucks - driving deliveries - receiving items - stocking shelves - waiting on the counter - answering the phone - and waiting on the showroom - I will be ready for the weekend.

Tonight - putting together some button cards and tags.

Hope this finds you all having a wonderful day.


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Ann-Margret said...

When was your birthday?? How did I miss it? :(

Here's a GREAT BIG birthday hug!!! ((((((((((((((( Teresa ))))))))))))