Monday, July 16, 2007

Notes on a Birthday Bash Weekend

Yes - Saturday was the big day. Note - my teens had not much to do with my birthday. They have their own lives - ya know. On Friday night, we had dinner with another couple. ate at Bob's Small Town Grill in Royston, GA. If you are anywhere near here, well worth the time and expense of this place. We met David and Melissa and had wonderful adult conversation over antipasto - roasted potatoes - crab cakes - steak - and shrimp. Wonderful Food. Great conversation. AND ----- the realization that we have never gone out without at least some of the children.

Up early Saturday morning for a trip into the foothills of the mountains. Tomorrows post will continue this story, the real reason for the selected destination city. A hint - the quilt shop of all quilt shops.

Breakfast at The Buzz - my local coffee shop - a stop almost everyday on the way to work. Tracy is warm and friendly. The food is well prepared. The teenage staff are all friends of my girls, so we are always catching up on the latest while we are there. Again if you are near Danielsville, GA - you really should stop. Tell them Molly or Abby's mom sent you. I am a coffee purist- coffee and creamer for me - Mr. Atkinson is the one - the customer of a coffee shops' dreams - he is the Grande Caramello. Me being a people watcher - I noticed many of those big burly guys ordering those kinds of drinks. Melissa is a specialty drink person too. She want the mocha spice or the chocolate almond or a caramello herself.

This picture in no way shows just how neon orange this blanket is.

Off to Dahlonega, GA - home to the nation's first gold rush. You can still pan for gold there. We hit the antique mall first. This is only one of the things that caught my eye. Actually it caught everyones eyes. neon - glow in the dark - oh my God why would anyone make this orange.

This little mall was fun but...

A tiny little doll hoosier cabinet. This really wanted to come live at my house but alas, I have no idea where it would go.

Then we went down the street to the next one. As I opened the door - I was greeted with a warm southern "Good Afternoon" This place was warm and friendly and the chatter among the patrons was almost as stimulating as the visual feast inside. My kind of store - I snapped pictures and instead of being reminded that photos are not welcome - the ladies asked about why. I explained about MaggieGrace and gave them a card with my blog address on it. They shared this information with everyone at the counter. And I tossed the USE WHAT I HAD idea for just the day. More about that later in the week too.

There was crafting as well. This is a 6 row granny square in the palm of my hand. Made with basically "thread" and the smallest steel crochet hook. I have to have the all lights on to see this hook eye and work with this. The plan - keep some of this by my tv chair and make these tiny squares to assemble into doll blankets. What is this you say.

Well it was a weak moment. I bought some punch craft thread in a junk store. Not much really - well maybe more than I thought. You know those tins of popcorn available around Christmas. The really big ones. The ones you can use as a footstool or toddler chair. Well......

It was full of all this thread -- over 100 spools -- lots of colors - all but 8 spools were acrylic - those 8 were pearl cotton - look it's a visual feast - and now I need to use these - I will be using these for lots of projects I am sure. Tags - Tassels - and Doll afghans. You know I don't sit still well and this will be a fairly easy to carry project. Yes - I was unable to resist buying - but it was my birthday.

The ladies at this place were warm and friendly as well. We shared VBS ideas and craft ideas and other conversation.

My children and their friends did sing happy birthday. Via cell phones. Best Friend left a message at 1:28 am saying happy birthday - I am sure there was alcohol involved in that late hour. Mr Atkinson tolerated the phrases - stop - turn around - look there's a cool store - and other such statements all day.

But the highlight of my day - no picture to document this - a 3.00 chocolate dipped strawberry from the candy store. This thing was as large as the palm of my hand. Decadent - sweet - juicy - dipped in dark chocolate. A lovely end of the shopping in Dahlonega and a savored treat - small things are really the best if they are adeqautely appreciated.

More pictures of thrifted and junked and purchased items to come. A post about what makes a welcoming shopping experience. All later in the week.

Have a wonderful day.


Laura said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! And I wasn't late to your party - you were early to mine. :)

Vallen said...

Nobody told me it was your birthday. I am the last to know anything. Happy, happy day!! My dear friend Teresa - I am so glad your celebration weekend was wonderful.

Felicia said...

Oh, I need to make a road trip there! Glad you had a happy Birthday :)