Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday - Monday

Doesn't look like much does it? 2x4 frame structure - blue construction foam insulation - drywall screws. What it is - the back wall of the studio (barn) This is where we started on Saturday morning after a really long Friday night. Sometime after midnight we hear a firetruck come by the house. Then another and another and another. They didn't go very far, so we knew that one of our neighbors had a problem. Seems one of our farmer neighbors baled and put up hay too quickly and the internal heat had caused a barn full of hay to go up in flames. Firetrucks went back and forth all night to get more water. They saved most of the barn structure but lost vehicles and all the hay and a tractor and other equipment. As of this morning that pile of hay is still smoldering and covering the area with smoke.

Still tired, we started on Saturday putting windows in. I bought these at a salvage palce because they were the size we needed. Three windows already framed. Should be a piece of cake right? Wrong. This required the big Sawzall. Lots of drill power. The siding is old and had to be reattached outside in more than one place. Some of the siding is metal - some really thick wood. Anyway after a really long day ......

We arrive here . Three new windows, a wall of insulation and tape, and a tiny bit of wiring. The storm door is waiting for its new structure and outlet boxes are where I think I want them. (don't ask - I have change my mind about that more than once) There is a pile of storage pieces waiting to move into the new home. For you really observant people - the center window is different. They only had two alike but the center one was the same dimensions. The little extra light these let in is wonderful. No need to clean them yet, more construction occurring. But this is progress and I desperately needed to see progress.
Another of the finds from my birthday outing. Why am I attracted to the "end lots"? These are bobbins off some machine. Tiny cotton threads. I have not even started sorting this out, but I love those little tapered bobbins that I can see in there. The cotton content will allow these to be crocheted into tiny embellishements and/or hankie, blanket and pillowcase trims.

I have a couple more things to share from that trek - then we must be off to more MaggieGrace goodies.

Note - I am participating in the Pay it Forward challenge. I do hope I can get three of you to sign up. Go one post back to play.

I have also accepted a challenge from MaryAnn to submit artwork to a magazine. I am terrified that my work won't be up to the quality of what they expect, but I think I am going with a Cloth Paper Scissors challenge.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Monday.


see you there! said...

It looks like you have a good start on your space. The windows are great.

Love the bobbins full of thread. If it is cotton it appears it would be perfect for crocheting edgings on various things (handkerchiefs, pillowcases, tablecloths just to mention a few).


Roxanne said...

Looks like great progress!! I bet deciding out outlet locations is really hard!! I know in my craft room they are never where I need them to be! Love the old spools of thread. I can't believe you actually crochet with it, but it will be gorgeous. I love the granny square from a couple posts ago.

I'm also doing "paying it forward" on my blog! I love how fast this stuff catches on :)

Mary Ann said...

Well, I'm also nervous about submitting some stuff, but I figure that if I don't, I'll never know if it might have been "worthy" and, if it isn't, so what?! Girl, let's break our mold!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

How wonderful you are getting your studio! I am trying to carve out a corner of my TV room for that. We'll see.

Love the bobbins. Can't wait to see what else you unearthed!


P.S. - thx for stopping by my blog.