Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun stuff -

Good morning all. This is just a fun post. No drama. No whining. Thanks for listening to me for the last several days.

I spent some time with my Mom last night. When I got there, she asked for me to take some pictures. Her snake plant is blooming - something we had never seen. I kill silk plants so I am easily impressed with this kind of thing. She effortlessly grows anything. Take a look - cool huh.

Mom had fallen during the day. She lost her balance cleaning out some stuff. She's okay - just banged up. Coming to terms with the fact that she can't do it all weighs heavy on her. I sometimes wonder if she is trying to prove something to herself by trying to do things without help. I have been the recipient of some fun stuff as the result of this cleanout. (like I needed stuff) Take a look - Old craft mags from the 70's and 80's.

I brought these home last night. (3 boxes full) I sat down in the recliner and started to look through them (anybody else out there who can entertain themselves for hours doing this) before I knew it Miss Molly has pulled up a chair and is laughing and giggling over the clothes, decor, and hair. Dad watched for a little while, but freaked out and went to bed. Seems he suddenly realized that Molly had grown up. He commented later - she laughs like I do. She finds humour in the same things. She and I have become very close. We had a great time for about two hours before bed. I love it when the mood is easy and conversation is lighthearted. Even then I realize I am influencing her and creating tiny memories that will reccur with that flashback feeling years from now.

She leaves for camp today and Abby comes home from the beach. We'll have the weekend with just her. That should be fun too.

I'll post some images from these mags as they strike me.

I get my packrat tendencies from both my parents. Mom has kept "basically everything" for so many years. She also produced a Little Black Book last night. As I thumbed through the pages of one of the diaries she kept, I got more and more quiet. There were dated diary entries. There were lists. Recipes. Addresses. Phone numbers. All in one book. Moving and ordinary and I am thrilled that every page still exists. Profound to me - but just a basic thing for her. I did snap a quick picture of one page. This is the beginning of several pages of plans and addresses and guest/gift lists from her baby shower just before I was born. How cool is this?

There are the same kinds of lists here for her bridal showers. She even shared a story about almost cancelling one of the showers. Her miscellaneous shower was in the cold weather months. All the plans were in place. Decorations done. Food prepared. Peple coming with no way to contact them. And they almost cancelled it even after every one got there. But they went on with it. Mom had her miscellaneous wedding shower on November 22, 1963 - the evening after Kennedy was killed in Dallas.

Last night was a good night. I learned things about my Mom and Dad through her entries. I gleaned that wedding shower tidbit. I spent time as her daughter and as her friend. Then I went home and spent time with my daugter as her mother and as her friend. The circle of life - to use the lion king movie phrase - I saw it last night - I absorbed it last night. More importantly my heart felt it last night and recognized it. Those are moments of sheer bliss, sheer beauty, sheer joy. Moments when you are completely in the moment and there is nothing between you and the experience at all. You cannot force it to happen. It just unfolds and there it is. Evey time I realize that it has happened, I thank God for it.

I wish you all many of those moments in your life. Have a wonder-filled day.

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carolyn said...

I've heard that plant called Mother-in-laws tongue. Isn't that awful?!