Monday, July 02, 2007

Photo heavy weekend post.

What we were doing Saturday late afternoon. Sitting in the car waiting out one of those southern summer severe thunderstorms. What you cannot see in this picture - the wind lifting the truck - tiny little hailstones - lightning popping all around - and the sun just peeking through over that white truck. The girls were playing so well Saturday. Every game was a load of fun to watch for everyone. It is always fun to see the magic when it happens and it was happening on Saturday.

We were kinda dozing in the truck during the storm and my cellphone rang. It was a teammate - Renee - saying look behind you at the fields.

And this is what we saw........

A perfect rainbow. The storm was over and that sliver of sun peeking through had generated this. It arched over the fields making a perfect arch. Later we saw kids playing in the colors. The sherriff's office sent deputies over though - more rough weather on its way - so they canceled the end of the tournament.

Then I get home and find this wonderful little package in the box.

Thank you so much Amy. Fun stuff in here. Pockets and paper and envelopes. Several "t's" and a quick little tag note. These will be put to use on somethng very quickly. Look at the tag made from sheet music. Loving that a lot.

A thrifted plate. I did not buy it. I love covered bridges so much and my Mom found this at a yard sale. She gave it to me as an early birthday pressie. Right now it is patiently waiting to find a permanent home on a wall. There was also a bag of other goodies that I will post about later.

Today's use what I have contribution. I was finishing up a swap package last night. (will post those pictures later) and I had a tiny bit of acrylic medium left in my bowl. I hate to waste it so I made a few quick gift tags. These are simple. Stamps and die cuts on heavy paper.

Now for a shout out to my best friend - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He is 10 years and 12 days older than I am and today is his special day. I hope you have a great one and that there are many more celebrations in the future. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

I hope all of you have a great day.

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Felicia said...

Love that rainbow. Isn't beautiful mail terrific!