Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Ramblings -- again

Just look at this fabric. It doesn't seem old, but to me it has a wonderful vintage feel. It was in a bundle I bought at a thrift store in Dawsonville, GA. several big pieces of various colors and weights. All cotton and only 1.50. These blue print squares are already cut and I think I will use them for a quilt top as is. I would love to find some really neat grey to use with this. I have some blue that will work. Maybe by the time I get to it, the grey will have presented itself. This is last of what I bought on my birthday trip. Note - everything I have shared in the last few days was purchased for less than 50.00 and that is the amount my mom gave me as my birthday gift.
These hankies (and several more) below were in that bag of lace. The brown one will be going to a new home soon. I put it in the Birthday pile for a special friend.

There were also some kitchy travel ones that are destined for another friend's house too.

I did almost finish the stitching last night for a skinny pillow I am making. I saw these lovely vintage ephemera skinny pillows over at Lauren's blog and loved them. I am adapting the idea to my look. We'll see how it works out.

Right now I am planning an away work weekend and I found a recipe I want to try over at Dawn's place. When I am on this work assignment, I alway cook and eat in. It's in an out of the way location and they put us up in condos nearby. Unlike the KBIS trek(Chicago is the location for next spring) where everyone goes out constantly, I use this time to pamper me and cook and create. I may not even turn on the tv. There will be music and candles though.

Last night Molly had soccer. I finished up my duties as a softball mom. Abby stayed at the field with her Dad finishing up softball Dad duties. I had my house all to myself. This does not happen often. I sat quietly in the chair stitching and was simply relaxed and happy. I can see the studio affording me this luxury often as well. When I get to that "place" - there are no worries - I am doing the things I love - the money issues are far away - the strife that has been my life of late is far away - I can let my mind wander around the beauty of creating. I can process inspirational ideas. I can ponder and pray. For 2-1/2 hours last night that is just what I did.

Tonight is volleyball again - so I will work on something in my bag. I have no idea what I will carry with me for crafting this weekend. I am thinking the makings for those tiny little granny square doll quilts are what I will be doing. Maybe some embellishements that ohters can incorporate into creations. Not really sure right now. I do know that I am looking for an old hardside suitcase to convert into a craft carryall.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Mary Ann said...

I'll bet your "friend" will just love that M hanky;)