Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Still pictures from the weekend

A detail of a yo-yo quilt in an antiques store.

Look at the lovely colors. I have a quilt made in this style on the wall in my hallway. Another post. This was way out of my price range. This one is made from vintage flowersacks but it was an unusually large size and price tag. I have tons of scrap fabrics and want to make one of these someday.

Looking at it made me wonder. You know how I get. I ponder things. Saturday was a good day for that. Charles and I often ride in complete silence. When we go into a shop it is not a stay right together thing. We all spread out and only discuss as we bump into one another. Anyway - I got sidetracked.

The kinds of things I wonder. Did the maker of this quilt buy the flour with thought to the colors she wanted in this quilt? Did she plan the layout and execute that plan? Was it a project she worked diligently to complete? Did she make a few of these yo-yos as she had the time and store them? How/where did she store them? Are these made from the leftovers of other projects? These quilts (coverlets) are basically useless - did the maker just want something pretty to look at? Is this the way she relaxed at the end of the day? I lay scrap projects out and then move them around until the look appeals to me - did she work that way? Why do I always assume the maker was a she? Those are the kinds of things I think.

I will say that my mental and emotional outlook is much better. I am creating again, but I wanted to share my finds and inspirations from the weekend through this week. There will be made by me items next week. It feels good to have that mojo back.

I will say about what happened last week - trust and forgiveness are easy for some things - other things make it a much more difficult process. I find myself obsessing about what happened and when I get it on my mind, it is as if it just happened. The person who betrayed me reads this and is even more upset that I have shared it. Reminder to the guilty party - this is my space. I am really glad you read it. I welcome you here. If you will just absorb what you read here, you will have a much better picture of who I am and what I stand for. You will see the message I want to share with the world and the message I want to share with my girls. And you will find that I have a low tolerance for behaviors and attitudes that are not under the umbrella of right, fair, empowering and encouraging. You have children - try hard to think what you would say to them if they brought this kind of situation to you for advice. I'm not sure what you would tell them - at one time I thought I knew - but now I really don't feel like I know you at all. I am trying and you need to know it is an act of sheer will to not attack over and over again. And when I am hurt - I will attack and saw your legs off at the knees. I don't like that part of me, but it is there and I accept that. Enough already about that.

I jump from project to project so often and last night I started yet another one. Miss Vallen has a birthday coming up that took me by surprise, so I am pulling something together for her. The louvered cabinet is finished. Am I the only one who has several projects going at one time? I will be traveling again the weekend of July 27th and I want to get the cowboy quilt ready to be what I work on at night. Somehow stating that as a goal here gives me the incentive to make that happen.

I hope you have enjoyed the inspiration of the pictures from the weekend. I have an image in my mind that I didn't capture on camera though and I regret that. This color combo keeps haunting me though and I think it might appear in something. As we were walking back to the car on Saturday, we passed beneath a deep red/fushcia crepe myrtle. Individual tiny blossoms had fallen off that tree onto the weathered concrete sidewalk below. That mottled grey of the sidewalk sprinkled with those dark fuschia blooms is hanging around in the back of my brain.

Is there that kind of image that haunts your memory? Share it with us. How many hours do you spend on Flickr, chasing just those kinds of images? Have you stumbled across something on the web that you would like to share? Do you ponder things like I do? Share some of your ponderings with us.

Have a wonderful day.


see you there! said...

The old yo-yo quilts have always fascinated me. The one in your photo is beautiful.

I once saw one, or a piece of one, used at a window curtain. It was an interesting way to block out a less than attractive view and still let some light in.


Metallyptica said...

I have to confess I'm not fond of those yo-yo quilts...

Anyway, I've finally sent out the Candy Ring I've promised you! The lady at the post-office told me it takes about 7 days to reach out to you! Hope it gets home safely! :)

Susan said...

Hi, I recently found your blog and since I'm decades older than you, I had decided to just lurk. But the picture of the flour sack yo-yo made me change my mind.

Not only flour came in those sacks. All sorts of things..especially in my life, chicken feed..came in them. I can clearly remember accompanying a parent to the feeds store for chicken feed and for a chance to pick out the fabric for my next outfit! My mom, the sensible one, would encourage me to take something near the top of the stack of sacks filled with feed. My dad, however, would have the poor employee pull out the one on the bottom that I 'must have'. My mom hated quilts. Although born in 1903 she shed old ways as quickly as possible and thought what is now called mid-century modern the greatest style ever. But she recycled everything. Daddy wore suits to work. When the edges of the sleeves became worn they became Dietrich-type suits for her. And when past that, she could magically make them into stylish winter coats for me. I wish I had that talent. OK..I'll hush now and just tell you that I love your blog!